Earn Guild (EARN) Launches Play-to-Earn Guild with Fiat Gateway

Earn Guild (EARN) Launches Play-to-Earn Guild with Fiat Gateway

Earn Guild (EARN) Launches Play-to-Earn Guild with Fiat Gateway

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Amid another wave of euphoria around play-to-earn protocols and NFTs in on-chain gaming, Web3 e-athletes unite into sophisticated DAO-like organizations which are now called play-to-earn guilds.

With Earn Guild (EARN), earning real-world money in Web3 games becomes easier than ever before. The ecosystem is set to lower the entry barrier for NFT and GameFi newcomers.

Optimized resources, maximized rewards in play-to-earn: What is Earn Guild (EARN)?

Earn Guild (EARN) is a multi-product, highly scalable play-to-earn guild. At its core, it is designed to simplify and advance the process of earning for players onboarded by different GameFi protocols.

What makes Earn Guild (EARN) special in this red-hot segment?

Out-of-the-box approach: everything required for profitable e-gaming in one dashboard;
Native marketplace for in-game assets: Earn Guild allows to trade and even rent NFTs;
First-ever segment-specific exchange for GameFi tokens;
User-friendly fiat gateway with Mastercard support and native Earn Card;
Coaching for newcomers;
Credits scoring system for all active players.

What is play-to-earn?

Play-to-earn (also GameFi, on-chain gaming and so on) refers to a type of decentralized (based on smart contracts) software that combines gamified architecture with DeFi principles. In other words, play-to-earn protocols are blockchain-based games with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

Play-to-earn ecosystems require their customers to hold NFTs or native crypto to join gameplay. Also, the outcome of battles and tournaments depends on users’ skills, not on luck; it makes the play-to-earn ethos different from that of blockchain betting and gambling.

In play-to-earn protocols, not only winners but also plenty of successful and skilled gamers can monetize their e-sports strategies. Both native tokens and play-to-earn NFTs can be integrated into these protocols as prizes.

Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and Decentraland are the three most popular play-to-earn ecosystems with DeFi and Metaverse elements.

What is a play-to-earn guild?

A play-to-earn guild is an instrument for GameFi enthusiasts to interact with each other, to implement more profitable gaming strategies, to exchange in-game assets and to coordinate the entire set of gaming strategies.

The play-to-earn guild segment gained traction in 2021 due to the increased popularity of blockchain-based gaming and the rapid upsurge demonstrated by the profits of blockchain-focused e-athletes.

Play-to-earn guilds can develop separate tokenomic models and specify requirements for players, i.e., create holistic GameFi-centric ecosystems. Last but not least, Play-to-Earn guilds represent a novel path of business development and community management in crypto protocols.