Quest for Loot in Skyborne Legacy

Quest for Loot in Skyborne Legacy

The Prologue for Skyborne Legacy is now live, giving players a chance to send their Heroes on quests, gather loot, and perhaps even get their hands on a rare and valuable chest!

The time has come for the Heroes of Skyborne Legacy to get to work! In the recently released Prologue for Skyborne Legacy, players can send their Heroes on missions, gather loot, and try even more difficult missions!

Skyborne Legacy Prologue

The prologue opened up on October 4th and is available to anyone holding a Nexian Gem. You will also need at least one Hero to quest with, though having more is preferred. Each quest has certain traits that give bonuses to that quest. Sending Heroes with traits that match the quests increase the odds of receiving better loot. So having a large number of heroes not only gives you more opportunities to complete quests, but it also makes it easier to find just the right Heroes for the job! Skyborne Genesis Immortals can be purchased on OpenSea for about $20 USD and up.

The ultimate goal in this prologue is to access the top-tier quests and retrieve a Chest. However, the Chest quest requires quite a few resources before it can even be attempted! Thankfully, loot can be bought and sold on OpenSea, giving players a chance to play and earn by selling resources, and other players with more money than time the option of purchasing the resources they need from other players.

You will need to ‘activate’ your Heroes in order to play, which costs a gas fee in ETH. You can save a little bit in fees by activating all of your Heroes at one time. Once your Heroes are activated, all game activities are gas-free. However, if you want to trade resources, you will need to bridge some ETH tokens on the Arbitrum Nova blockchain.

The gameplay is pretty basic, but this is just the beginning of what Skyborne Legacy has planned. You can access the Prologue at

The team has also teased an upcoming ‘Season 1’, but we don’t have any details about that yet.

questing screen in Skyborne Legacy Prologue

What is Skyborne Legacy?

Skyborne Legacy is an MMORPG in development by Revolving Games, with funding from Animoca Brands.

Skyborne wants to build a franchise of games, with three phases already planned. The first phase will be Sky Genesis, a browser-based mini-game where player choices have an effect on the game world. Participants in Sky Genesis have the opportunity to earn collectible and rewards that can be transferred to the other games in the future. After that comes a mobile, fantasy adventure game called Phoenix Flight. And the third in the planned series will be Skyborne Legacy, a full-fledged MMORPG.