Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons  Step into the world of Eternal Dragons, an exciting fantasy universe of dragons, magic and mystery where anything is possible.

Eternal Dragons  Step into the world of Eternal Dragons, an exciting fantasy universe of dragons, magic and mystery where anything is possible.

“As the circle completes and the dawn meets dusk, and as the moon covers the sun, the answers will be revealed to the one Hero who stands at the crossing of Times. And she will command Time.” (The Lost Prophecy)

Step into the world of Eternal Dragons, an exciting fantasy universe of dragons, magic and mystery where anything is possible. In building this experience in collaboration between developer and community, between creator and player, we are all together creating something completely new. Eternal Dragons allows the community and players to be part of writing this history – both inside and outside the game world.


The epic new gaming series Eternal Dragons is brought to you by Trailblazer Games. Trailblazer Games is a Web3-native gaming studio formed by team consisting of three serial entrepreneurs and veteran gaming industry leaders from the likes of King, EA and Microsoft, who have experience in building large-scale and sustainable free-to-play economies. They are united by a shared passion for creating engaging and entertaining gaming experiences.

The team’s experience spans the design and production of award-winning games and franchises like SimCity and Candy Crush – which touch billions of hearts across multiple platforms – but also the building of platforms and tools for growth and engagement powered by data and AI, as well as extensive blockchain development.

We see that we are now at the dawn of a new era in gaming. A new paradigm is emerging. Web3 brings a new philosophy and crucial capabilities that can take gaming to a whole new level when it comes to user inclusion, engagement and rewards for participation through aligning incentives by recognising the truly symbiotic relationship that exists between players and game makers in the co-creation of meaningful experiences. Gaming will be part of our lives in a way we’ve never experienced before; more profound, meaningful and fun.

Out of this our philosophy has developed, where we believe in:

– Putting fun first – it all starts with fun. The entertainment value of the core product has to be at the center of everything to drive engagement. It all starts with the content.

– Inclusion and community – we listen to, and engage with the community. From early access Alphas, to developer forums and resources, and to the future governance of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We want to support and facilitate the building of meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

– Transparency – we build open economies transparently. By leveraging Web3 technology we cement the trust needed to trade confidently in a virtual economy that is not centralized but co-owned by the broader community.

– Fairness – we want to distribute the value generated from games more fairly across the broader community, making every player, co-creator and participant an active stakeholder.

We see it as our mission is to give the community a place to belong, play and prosper – together.

What is Eternal Dragons?

Eternal Dragons is a novel IP created by Trailblazer Games to tell the story of the Eternal Dragons franchise, and power the creation of the initial four game experiences to be developed over the next couple of years. The currently planned installments for the franchise are:

Eternal Dragons – Prologue: Genesis
Eternal Dragons – Chapter 1: Strife
Eternal Dragons – Chapter 2: House of Dragons
Eternal Dragons – Chapter 3: War of Kings

In parallel with the development of these games, Trailblazer Games is developing a platform that will power a new global economy where guilds can efficiently access capital, trade assets and hire talent in order to compete, grow and succeed. This platform will be developed and expanded in parallel with the games, integrated into the experience in order to provide value directly to the players and the community by delivering a full vertical slice at each stage of development.

Our goal is that the Eternal Dragons IP will transcend the original game series, powered by the blockchain to provide future value and experiences within both other media and entertainment formats as well as in the decentralized finance space. In order to achieve that, we are laser focused on first and foremost creating fun game play with mass market potential, packaged in an exciting fantasy universe of dragons and magic where anything is possible, and where the players write the actual history!

Value Proposition

Eternal Dragons allows the community and players to be part of writing history! Both in-game and IRL. We believe that in the near future these concepts will merge and the lines will be blurred between work and play, tangible and intangible, virtual and IRL. In the Eternal Dragons universe, history will be written in several layers of abstraction, both inside and outside the game world. In building this experience in collaboration between developer and community, between creator and player, we are all together creating something completely new. Be part of this history in the making:

– Create history in a new world as you uncover its mysteries
— Your actions and performance will be saved in an immutable record. As the world is shaped around you, your feats will forever be part of lore.
— Game assets are NFTs, with a real provenance and recorded history of performance. Only one Dragon in the whole world has won the most battles, it could be yours!
— Create real value through your engagement by earning game currency that has real world value.

– Extended life time value of your personal investment
–Bring your investments and performance with you into new experiences. Dragon NFTs and other game resources on-chain will have value in new game experiences and be transferable. Your previous engagement will be rewarded when new products are released.
–A fully fleshed out road map for an ecosystem of game experiences, built by a team of seasoned veteran game developers, leveraging the full power of Web3 capabilities:
—acquire and breed dragons in the Prologue: Genesis,
—bring your dragons into battle in Chapter 1: Strife,
—build a city and found a House for your alliance in Chapter 2: House of Dragons, and
—put your arsenal to use and call your friends to arms in an epic 4X-experience in Chapter 3: War of Kings.

– Experience the emergence of a new paradigm in game development and entertainment
–Live the game developer fantasy. Give direct feedback to developers on concepts, suggest your own ideas and actively participate and contribute through competitions and votes.
–Financial incentives are aligned with all participants in the ecosystem, allowing for active contributors and participants to share the success.
-Help shape the future of work and decentralized finance
–NFTs and blockchain technology allow for the gaming and finance spheres to merge.
–Rent out the NFTs you don’t use, hold $EDQ-tokens to participate in the revenue share, sell assets you don’t need, and invest in other top players and guilds whose performance generates yield.

This whitepaper will first and foremost focus on the first two installments of the Eternal Dragons franchise – as well as the definitions of the wider ecosystem supporting it’s development, like the tokenomics, NFT definitions, governance etc. – and roughly sketch out the concepts and intention for the full road map of later installments. The whitepaper will be a living document to be updated as development progresses.

Eternal Dragons – Prologue: Genesis

“As the tiny almost fragile looking hatchling let its first gaze – ever so bright eyed – fall upon the human watching over this precarious yet ceremonial event, they both instinctively knew that this bond would never be broken.”


It is told that at the dawn of Time, Dragons roamed the world, and darkened the skies. Legend has it that they lived in a strange equilibrium of fierce peace and harmony, in unbreakable bonds with the elder races.

Then, something horrible happened. But all memory is lost. The Dragons disappeared, banished from memory, turned into myth. Only fragments and trails of clues to their history exist across the continents, for those who look.

Now, strange orbs have appeared. Are these the Dragon eggs of old, lost in Time and only reappearing now? Or are they the sign of the Dragons just being in hiding, biding their time to reemerge? Clues lie riddled across the lands, beneath the mountains, in the seas and skies; remnants, lost memories of the elders. The one who finds the answers to what happened with the Dragons, will become all-powerful and able to harness and wield the full power of Time.

Now is the time of re-birth to bring the mighty Dragons back! Whomever the re-incarnated Dragons latch on to at their hatching ceremony, will forever form an unbreakable bond with them. A bond only severable through the most powerful of magic.

This, is the Time of Genesis. The birth of a new Dragon age has come!

The Eternal Dragons NFTs

The first installment of the Eternal Dragons series will be the release of an NFT collection of 10.000 unique Eternal Dragons and a breeding game that will populate the universe with Dragons.

The purpose of this is to seed the Eternal Dragons universe with valuable NFTs, in a way that rewards early adopters and advocates in the community.

These Eternal Dragon NFTs are the original set of Dragons hatched from the first spawn of Dragon Eggs discovered. These are unique and can never be replicated.

As the Eternal Dragon NFTs are minted, they are generated based on set algorithms in a smart contract that defines the Dragon’s looks, stats, abilities etc. These Eternal Dragons have the chance to have both special abilities and hidden secrets that only will be uncovered later. They also have the chance to get unique and special attributes.

Some of the unique benefits and capabilities of the Eternal Dragons are:

– They will have some unique in-game abilities.
– They have the chance to get special attributes, like Eternal genes, that cannot be inherited and thus are unique only to the first Eternal Dragons generation.
– They are not level capped as later generations will be, and can always reach max level.
– They will not be turned to stone once they have reached their breeding limit.
– They will get a revenue share on earnings from all their offspring.

Further, Eternal Dragon NFT holders will have special standing in the community and get special perks, like

– Early access to test out Eternal Dragons – Chapter 1: Strife.
– Access to exclusive developer Discord channels.
– Possibility to give direct feedback on development and participate in the creation and evolution of the Eternal Dragons universe.
– Early access to some of the new features and functionalities.
– Access to some of the early NFT and token private or presales for later installments in the Eternal Dragons-series.
– Becoming an active part of making history with the most innovative application of blockchain technology within gaming, in the most exciting novel IP so far!

The Eternal Dragons NFTs will be sold through an NFT presale.

Affinity, Class & Rarity

A Dragon can have any of 12 affinities, 9 classes and 5 rarities. A Dragon’s class will define its main body, it’s affinity will define its primary color and its rarity will define its starting power. Further they will have several different individual traits, and a special skill to be used in battle.


The Eternal Dragon NFTs are the original Dragons populating the Eternal Dragons world. Each Dragon has a completely unique DNA, based on the values of the different traits it possesses.

Breeding will cost Eternium, the utility token of the Eternal Dragons universe, and as two Dragons breed there is a set chance that the offspring will get any of the parents’ dominant or recessive genes. There is also a small chance that a mutation occurs. Any Dragon can only breed 7 times, and the cost per breed will increase with each breeding. On the 7th and final breeding of a Dragon the offspring – i.e. the 7th descendent – will be upgraded to the next grade. This increases it’s level cap to the next tier, while also starting at one level above the level of it’s parent. At the same time, the parent that has served it’s breeding purpose and cannot breed anymore, will be turned into stone and be rendered incapable of battle. Still, the NFT will be useful for

a.generating revenue from its descendants
b.providing bonuses, and acting as decorations in the next Chapter of the Eternal Dragons

Worth noting is that the Eternal Dragon NFTs will never turn into stone (but the breeding cap still applies). Dragons cannot breed with siblings, parents and children.

Eternal Dragons – Chapter 1: Strife

“The battle was at an impasse, a stand-off with both sides awaiting the other’s move… until, slowly the leaves started rustling; then there was a gust of wind and suddenly a roar was heard as a Wind Dragon swept down bellowing with thunder, throwing the opponent’s minions to the ground, deafened and cowering in fear. In that instant, the battle was over, and the spoils were ripe for the taking. Only the elegy for the fallen softly sounded in the deafening silence.”


The hunt is on, and the battle has begun for the resources, fragments and clues to the answers as to why the Eternal Dragons ever disappeared. Not to mention why they’ve reappeared.

What has brought this about? As it’s written in the Lost Prophecy, the one who stands at the crossing of Times at the next Concurrence will be able to command Time. As hotspots of Eternium appear across the lands, Heroes seeking answers have to battle for the precious resource.

Bring your prowess into the battlefield, to win the answers you seek, in the quest for immortality.

The Battle

The core gameplay of Eternal Dragons – Chapter1: Strife is based on the fun and engaging gameplay with a proven track record in auto chess and similar auto battler games. These games have a good balance of strategy and tactics, and skill vs luck as well as several levers to control this balance.


In the core battle game, the player is pinned versus other players in the arena, alternatively a set of NPC heroes or bosses in PvE mode.

The arena is where the players place their dragons, as well as their minions. The minions are units that fill out the battle roster, if the player hasn’t collected enough dragons. These minions will always be less powerful than the dragons.

Each battle is fought by the player placing units from a randomized roster into the battlefield, for a cost of activity points depending on the unit’s rarity. The player can merge two or more of the same type of unit, in order to increase it’s tier and make it more powerful for the duration of the battle. Once all units have been placed, the battle will automatically ensue and play out without further player interactions. This loop repeats between every round of battle, with an increasing amount of action points available to the player, until only one player’s hero remains.

Affinity and Class Synergies

All Dragons and minions have an affinity and a class. Synergies are powers that affect the player’s units’ ability in battle positively, or that affect the enemy negatively. The actual effects can have different triggers, but they come into play only when the player has enough unique units of the same affinity or class in the arena. Each synergy gets an improved effect with each threshold of number of unique units reached.

Leagues and Tournaments

As players improve, acquire more Dragons and level up their Dragons, they’ll become more and more powerful. That means they can climb the ranks and fight in the really high stakes competitions where the rewards are more valuable, and can even be the Eternal Dragons token $EDQ.

The core gameplay is also designed to suit Esports-style tournaments, which can even be initiated by players. This could e.g. allow players and token holders to set an entry fee to a tournament of their choice, and invite competitors to battle it out for the rewards pool.

Leveling up Dragons

The Dragons in Eternal Dragons have a natural power progression curve that is defined by their grade, battle experience and Eternium investments. One of the best ways for a player to increase their net value is to play a lot with their Dragons and reinvest their Eternium winnings in their Dragons’ power progression. This is expected to significantly increase the market value of said Dragons.

Game Economy

The economy in and around the Eternal Dragons universe is an exciting hybrid model where the boundaries between our world and the game universe are at the same time both fluid and fuzzy, as well as tangible and real. This can be said since we can both put in as well as take out value that is affected by our time, actions and performance in-game, from the game world. The most exciting aspect of this symbiotic relationship between the virtual and the tangible worlds, is that it tests the status quo and has the potential to completely disrupt our views on what constitutes entertainment or investment, work or leisure. In Eternal Dragons the catalyst for this paradigm shift is Eternium.


Eternium – the essence of Time in its purest form, the magical element imbuing and flowing through everything, that allows magicians to manipulate Time and gives Dragons their raw power and life force. The bedrock of the Eternal Dragons universe, of the Eternal Dragons themselves.

Eternium – The Utility Token of the Eternal Dragons Universe

Eternium comes in many forms and different physical states, can infuse almost anything and is the core resource powering the Eternal Dragons universe. It will be necessary for most of the value creation happening in the universe, like e.g. breeding and Dragon upgrading. Eternium is a variable supply token and in order to balance the game economy the developers reserve the right to mint and burn Eternium as needed, as well as to adjust the prices of various activities Eternium is used for, and to tweak the sources that reward Eternium.

How to Acquire Eternium?

– Eternium will be traded freely on compatible trading platforms.
– The initial liquidity of Eternium will be provided by the Treasury.
– Players will earn Eternium by completing quests in the game (like playing PvE, winning PvP matches, performing certain actions etc) as rewards, and as rewards for extraordinary achievements.

Uses for Eternium

Some of the uses for Eternium are:

– Breeding
– Leveling up Dragons
– Healing Dragons
– Competition entry fees
– Many more uses in the coming chapters of Eternal Dragons (see the Roadmap section for examples)

Other Resources

Dragon Feed

Dragon Feed is an off-chain resource that is needed to enter battle in the Eternal Dragons universe. Once used, it replenishes with time in order to pace game play, limit burnout potential and serve as a return driver for players. Some of its purposes include:

– Content pacing
– Increased game longevity
– Session pacing
– Burnout protection
– Exploit and abuse protection


The Eternal Dragons franchise will initially consist of four chapters, released over the coming years. Join this exciting journey!

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