Luna Rush

Luna Rush $LUS token on Binance Smart Chain Enjoy the ultimate idle gaming experience, Focused on Level up and Strategy!

Luna Rush $LUS token on Binance Smart Chain Enjoy the ultimate idle gaming experience, Focused on Level up and Strategy!

Luna Rush is an Anime-style casual hanging-up game this is an incremental game about strategy. Each character in the game is made in detail. Flamboyant effects and ultimate weapon guaranteed to make you addicted! Summon your Warriors, TRAIN them to become powerful heroes, or convert them into Spirit material for EVOLVING.

– You can fight other players, team up with friends, win a tournament and earn money with your strategy and luck.
– In Luna Rush, there are 11 different warriors and possess unique skills corresponding to each warrior. To increase the strength of the warrior needs fusion and level up, learn more skills and provide more weapons. Warriors can be purchased on the marketplace or summoned in the game store.
– Players participate in Boss hunting, PVP battles, daily activities, Tournament, Leaderboard, Bet … to earn tokens.
– $LUS is a 350,000,000 pre-mined token, the governance token of LunaRush.


The whitepaper provides comprehensive information about Luna Rush, including gameplay and other game-wise features such as the ecosystem, token economy, especially the NFTs. It also shows details and progression regarding the development, creative and consulting teams. The whitepaper helps players keep up with further development of Luna Rush and understand how the game’s economy operates more quickly and accurately.
Version: 2021.10
Release date: Oct 2021
Project information, Roadmap, Tokenomic.


Luna Rush $LUS token on Binance Smart Chain

God created man, male and female, based on his own image”- Genesis KJV version (King James Version – officially published Bible by the British royal family in 1611) God ordered all other creatures including angels must bow to humankind (Genesis Book)

At the time God created man, he created both men and women. The male was named Lord Adam, the female was named Lord Lilith and they were two equal creatures that created the image of God. Lilith was created by God with all the blessings: beautiful, talented, independent, assertive, struggling for her own rights. With her personality, she did not submit to the supremacy and theocracy imposed by dominant Adam. In one argument, angry with Adam’s attitude, Lilith blurted the name of God (יהוה in Hebrew, Latin transliteration is YHWH – pronounced “Yahweh” or “Jehovah” means “I am who I am”), then Lilith left. Discontent with the injustice of God, Lilith turned to Samael – Angel of Death, also known as Satan, a Seraphim following Lucifer – The Lightbringer (or The Morning Star, the Angel vowed that he would not kneeling before anyone but God) and other Seraphims like Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Astaroth to against God in the War in Heaven (for not accepting to bow to humankind).

In this situation, God gave strength to the archangel Michael by sword and armor, and the Longinus spear to fight Lucifer and the rebellious angels. Lucifer and other Seraphim such as Abaddon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Astaroth failed and were banished to hell even they were stronger but due to the disparity in numbers and unable to resist Michael’s strength given by God. Lucifer was defeated in a duel with Michael, body was speared by Longinus spear and was knocked out of High Heaven. (According to Isaiah, Jesus said that he saw Lucifer in the form of a dragon being knocked to the ground like a lightning bolt).

When Lucifer failed and were pushed out of High Heaven to the hell with 133,306,668 other angels (1/3 angels), Lilith followed them, then had babies with Samael – Satan, countless demons. That’s why Lilith was dubbed the “Mother of demons”. (* Since then, Lilith has been worshiped by heretical organizations, becoming the goddess of sexual desire. Many heresy ceremonies performed sexual acts in honor of Lilith. Lilith was usually associated with a snake, sometimes she was portrayed as a half-woman, half-serpent.) When Lilith left Adam alone, feeling so lonely, Adam went looking for God and told him: “God, you created me. The woman you created with me has left!” God though: “It is not good for a man to live alone. I will make him a mate.” God made Adam fall into deep sleep. While Adam slept, God pulled a rib from Adam’s body and put the flesh there. And from that rib of Adam, God created a woman. Adam named her Eva and loved her deeply. They began their lives in the garden that God had created for them. It was a land of rivers and gems, full of flowering trees and lush fruits, and God named it Eden. The Lord said to Adam and Eve: “You may eat all the fruit trees in the garden, but you are allowed neither eat nor touch the tree in the middle of the garden. If you disobey my words, you will surely die.” When the War in Heaven ended, God sent three angels named Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof to search for Lilith. God said: “Bring Lilith back. If she’s back, it’s good then. If not, use force.” The three angels found Lilith hiding in a cave on the edge of the Dead Sea. They said: “Lilith, the Supreme created you commanded you to return to your husband immediately. Otherwise, we will kill your 100 demon children every day. Lilith replied: “Go ahead and I’ll strangle the human’ babies later. When I do, boys will be dead before they are 8 days old and girls will be dead before 20 days old. Let’s compromise, if I see your name on the child’s necklace, I will no longer have the power to harm that child. ” 3 angels Senoy (סנוי), Sansenoy (סנסנוי) and Semangelof (וסמנגלוף) found that they could not ask for anything more from Lilith then they returned. (** The above story also explains why Jews often make babies wear a pendant engraved with the names of the three angels to protect them from being harmed by the demon god Lilith). Lilith was jealous of God’s love for Adam, as she was also the first creature he created in human form. Lilith sneaked back to Eden garden, using magic learned from Samael – Satan, transformed into a snake to try to harm Adam and Eva. And then Lilith heard the story of two special fruit trees in the middle of the Garden of Eden: “The Fruit of Life – on the tree of Life, the person who eats it will live forever, never die” “Forbidden Fruit – on the Tree of Knowledge, the person who eats it can understand Good – Evil, opens the mind, but he will lose immortality in return.” This is also the fruit that God forbids to touch. Lilith went to the tree of Life to eat Fruit of Life. Upon seeing the Tree of Knowledge nearby, Lilith devised a plan to regain God’s love. Lilith thought that as long as Adam and Eve eat the fruit of the Forbidden, they would die as the Lord said and God would love only Lilith – the only remaining creature created in the Lord’s form. One day, Lilith in the form of a snake seduced Eva – a carefree, innocent person – and Adam to approach the Tree of Knowledge and asked: “Did the Lord tell you not to eat the fruit trees in this garden?” Eva answered: “No, the Lord allowed us to eat all the fruit trees in the garden, except the tree in the middle of the garden, God told us not to eat, nor to touch. If we disobey, we would definitely die.” The snake said, “No, you won’t die when eating that fruit! It’s the Tree of Knowledge. God forbids because God knows if you eat that fruit, then the mind will be opened, you’ll know good and evil just like God.” The snake sounded reasonable, Eva looked up at the forbidden tree. How beautiful the fruit was, it looked so good, and she thought, “This fruit is not only beautiful, delicious, but also precious, because it will open my mind”. In that moment Eva forgot all the Lord’s instructions. Eva forgot that God made it clear that “if you eat, you will surely die.” Eva walked to the Tree of Knowledge, reached for a fruit, took a bite, and gave it to Adam, who ate it as well. It was true that they did not die right away, but by disobeying, they rejected eternal life themselves. As they opened their eyes, they realized things they had never known before. They realized they were naked and felt ashamed for the first time in their lives. They knew that they have made a mistake, and when they could not hide all their shame and fear, they hid in the bushes. “Adam, where are you?” God called. “Here I am, Lord,” said Adam. “I heard your steps in the garden and I am scared because I am naked, so I hid.” “How do you know you’re naked?” God asked. “Did you eat the fruit of that forbidden tree and then you know that?” “It is this woman,” Adam said. “Eva gave me some of that and I ate it.” God turned to Eva: “Why did you do that?” Mercifully he asked Eva. “The snake itself,” the woman said. “That snake tempted me so I ate.” Adam and Eve disobeyed. God only required obedience and they did not meet his requirements. God looked at the snake and immediately recognized that was Lilith. He angrily pointed at Lilith and said: “Because you did this, you will be exiled to The Hell (Abandon). You and this woman, and your descendants and her descendants will be perpetual enemies of each other”. He said to Eva: “I will increase your hardships when you are pregnant, and you will have more pains when you give birth. However, you still want to live with your husband, and your husband will help you”. After that, he said to Adam, “Because you have listened to your wife’s words, ate the fruit that I had forbidden, the land will be cursed because of you. The earth will produce thorns and thistles, and you will eat the vegetables in the field. You will have to sweat your forehead to have food, until you return to the land where you came from. As you are dust, you will return to dust “. God used animal skin to form a long dress for Adam and Eve and then ordered Khamuel – who stand before God (Khamuel is the Archangel of the strength, courage and war in Heaven) to bring Eva and Adam out of the Garden of Eden. Worried for the descendants of humankind, before leaving the Garden of Eden, Adam asked the archangel Khamuel to meet Auriel – Guardian of wisdom – so that he could teach humanity to fight Lilith. Sympathize with human for not able to fight Lilith – who receives help from Samael – Satan, prince of The Hell – exile (Abandon). Auriel gave Adam the blessing of wisdom, wide vision, and insight. At the same time, Auriel also asked Khamuel to give Eva a drop of Khamuel’s blood, so that the descendants of the human race could unlock the potential of strength, courage and fighting skills. Auriel reminded two people: “Your bodies are only human. Angel’s skills are very difficult for humans to manipulate. But you can cooperate and use the power of love to activate them.” Auriel emphasized: “Remember the word of God: Love God and Love People, love is strength” Adam and Eve thanked Auriel and followed Camael to leave Garden of Eden, starting the miserable life of humanity.


On the battlefield there are 11 warriors with unique skills.
To increase their strength, warriors can learn more skills, weapons and raise more pets
Can sell or rent land on the market


Hitomi’s background was always a mysterious black curtain, it is rumored that Hitomi is the successor of Mochizuki Chiyome – the greatest female ninja in the history of Japan. Hitomi was proficient in many jutsu of both major Iga and Koga sects, had the ability to accurately use and master a variety of excellent, ranged, melee weapons.

Considered to be Umi’s right-hand man, Hitomi was so dangerous that Evangelion warriors called her “Weapon of the Death”.


Born in the town of Narva, the border of Russia and Estonia. Kaiyo had eyes of two different colors, silver hair and white skin. Because the eyes were the windows of the soul, the people of Narva though that Kaiyo’s soul has been hit by a curse of the devil. When Kaiyo was 7 years old, her family was stoned and ostracized by the people, her parents lost their jobs and had to move to the suburbs near the edge of the forest to live.

A life of frustration, stigma for a long time made Kaiyo father sick and died, few years later her mother also passed away. One day, a group of Lilithia believers came to Kaiyo, they did not discriminate her appearance but thought it was a gift. Kaiyo followed them to the Lilithia headquarters, where she was respected and learned to unleash her abilities. With her own efforts, Kaiyo was no longer timid and exuded a cold, seductive charm. Kaiyo’s eyes were like an illusionary hole, making her enemies unaware of who was fighting them. Kaiyo’s enemies also call her by the name “Eyes of the Death”.


Beautiful KGB female agent Matsuko was a legend among international spies, she mastered many languages, was good at weapons and explosives, had a PhD in experimental chemistry. In an investigation into child trafficking cases on the border of Russia and Belarus, Matsuko happened to witness a fight between Evangelion warriors and heretics. The beliefs and definitions of Matsuko’s world were turned upside down, unable to keep calm, so Matsuko decided to follow the Evangelion warriors.

Unfortunately, Matsuko was discovered, the Evangelion sensed astounding. They found out that Matsuko was activated her angelic skill herself, though she didn’t know how to use it yet. Matsuko was brought back to the Vatican to join the Evangelion Academy. With knowledge and combat ability combining modern and ancient, Matsuko was a dangerous, most unpredictable warrior in Evangelion army.


As a mixed descendant of Vladimir Dracula lineage with a beautiful Russian woman. Reiko had shiny long hair and lively beauty, she grew up in the ancient castle of Sighisoara in Romania. Through generations, Dracula’s lineage lost immortality but gradually adapted to sunlight.

Having been hunted for years by anti-heretic organizations and vampires, the Dracula family had to rely on Lilithia to survive. Reiko was taken to the headquarters of Lilithia when she was 5 years old, with intensive training in combat skills and dark arts. With the unique physique of the Dracula lineage, Reiko perfected the skill of rampaging during battle. It was more dangerous when “Beauty and the Beast” gathered in a human body.


Beautiful, outstanding, dynamic, attractive were all words that described Youta. Since high school Youta has been the focus of the whole school, she has been honored as the Queen of Dance and the leader of the Evangelion High School cheerleading. Youta’s wish was to become a professional ballet dancer until she awakened her angelic skills.

When she was transferred to the Evangelion Warrior Academy, taking part in campaigns against heretics, Youta was aware of the wicked face of this world. With her positive energy, Youta completed the most rigorous training and demonstrated the value of optimism to the other warriors. Youta believed that her perfect dance would erase the dark corners of this world and bring brightness to humanity one day.


Lilithia Priestess dedicated to Lilith worship – Queen Succubus. She used to be a normal girl in the land of the rising sun (Japan), but after being cheated and sold to the Triads by her addicted boyfriend, beaten, raped and taken to Egypt as a slave to serve in the middle-east rich family.

Umi became hostile to all the men in the world and considered love as an illusion created by the mean men to trick foolish dreaming girls. She was rescued by the Lilithian nuns, then taken to the Lilith temple deep in the Catherine Mountains (the border of Egypt and Israel – Where there were many mysterious monasteries) to learn about ancient languages ​​and charms, human history in the apocrypha Bible. She deciphered the mysteries of King Solomon’s history as well as understood the spells, summoned demons, she then found a way to summon the power of Lilith – the succubus queen to enter her body to gain strength to take strong revenge with this world.


Originally was an orphan of the land of the rising sun, Sumiko was raised by an Evangelion monastery. Sumiko showed great martial arts skills since she was very small, Sumiko was proficient in Karate, Aikido, Judo, Taekwondo, MMA and many other martial arts. Sumiko was a born warrior, at 10 years old, under the guidance of the Evangelion monks, Sumiko successfully activated angelic skills.

At the Evangelion Academy, Sumiko was called a master of bare-handed combat. She was the most active participant in Evangelion’s campaigns among the warriors, fighting was Sumiko’s life.


As a female Templa (knights of the temple), commander of the Evangelion army, and as a Princess of the royal Israel (King David), she carried Eva’s mission: to protect people from the evil Lilith. Evangelion searched for men and women who have opened the angel’s seal, helped them to unite to discover the skills of angels.

Yuuka was a natural leader, she led the Evangelion forces to confront heresy and broke the dirtiest conspiracies against humanity. Despite being less involved in field battles, Yuuka was said to be the guardian deity of Evangelion and the church. She was also the most passionate of tracing the garden of Eden.


Nishi was born in a family of Voodoo religion in Ethiopia, they claimed themselves to be the descendants of King Solomon – the 3rd King of Israel and the father of Voodoo religion. Nishi was taught many ancient rituals recorded in Solomon’s sheepskin books, she understood how to manipulate the beast, summon ancient creatures, borrow the power from the mysterious dark forces.

In one exchange between mystical religions, Nishi learned that the Umi priest of the Lilithian sect was a person with in-depth study of the dark art, the seals and how to summon 72 demons of Solomon. Nishi followed Umi to Lilithia headquarters to learn more about the dark art and joined this religion. In many confrontations with the Evangelion, Nishi was a nightmare to the warriors of the church. With the ability to summon many beasts and mystical creatures, Evangelion called the Nishi “The Druid of Devil”.


Born as an Irish knight, Kinu’s gorgeous red hair was a symbol of intelligence and strength. Awakening the angel’s skills early, Kinu was brought back to the Vatican to train as a leader of the Evangelion.

After leaving Evangelion Academy, Kinu led a rookie group to against heretical groups, women and children trafficking plans by human trafficking groups. Kinu was promoted to the deputy governor of the Evangelion in 2010. In the eyes of the people, Kinu’s smile symbolized the warmth of the angels.


The last descendant of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Hikari family, had been wandering throughout Europe for many years before disappearing to return to Budapest. Hikari was trained by the royal tradition and perceived as a wanderer, she was resilient and assertive but also extremely agile. The knowledge of Europe’s longest-running modern dynasty helped Hikari find a way to awaken angelic skills and gain admission to the Evangelion Academy at the Vatican.

Hikari was always proud of the family lineage, she always tried to prove the superiority of the Hungarian royal lineage. With a leadership quality and respectable fighting speed, Hikari was always the first to storm the battlefield and devastate opponents like a bolt of lightning. The warriors of Evangelion called her by the name “Thunder Queen” which was a confirmation of Hikari’s speed.

Build Warrior

– Each warrior has unique skills.
– A warrior has 4 main stats: Health, Endurance, Strength, Agility (visible to players). And slot contains weapons and skills depending on the level.


Rarity regulates battle token limit, max level, max slot skill.

– Battle token limit: the number of battles in which the warrior participates to earn tokens.
– Max level: the maximum level that a warrior can reach.
– Skill slot unlock: the maximum number of skills that a player can learn.
– There are only 200 Divine warriors in Luna Rush, no more.

There are 7 types of rarity warriors in Luna Rush



Auto Battle

– Each warrior possesses different strengths, weapons and skills.
– The warriors going to the arena will automatically compete based on the skills that the player has practiced.
– Choose the path to build a warrior suitable for each warrior to achieve the highest win rate.
– Choosing the right opponent and having different skills is the way to win the matches.

Boss battle

– Players bring 1 to 3 warriors to hunt the boss.
– Every day there will be 10 boss maps appearing for players to participate in hunting.
– Killing boss number 1 will unlock boss number 2…
– After the boss dies, the player will be opened a chest with the token corresponding to that chest.
– At exactly 0 o’clock UTC will reset the map and start from the beginning.


– Players bring their warriors to the arena to compete with other players.
– Accumulate experience and learn more skills and weapons to increase strength.
– Each win will get more tokens and experience points, trophies.
– Trophies to race the leaderboard, great prize when in a high position at the end of the season.
– Mode battle 1v1, 3v3.


– When the warrior reaches a certain level, he will be able to participate in the tournament.
– There are many tournament tables to compete to find the strongest.
– Depending on the tournament table, there will be different valuable rewards.

Boss Battle

– Players bring 1 to 3 warriors to hunt the boss.
– Every day there will be 10 boss maps appearing for players to participate in hunting.
– Killing boss number 1 will unlock boss number 2…
– After the boss dies, the player will be opened a chest with the token corresponding to that chest.
– At exactly 0 o’clock UTC will reset the map and start from the beginning.

Play to Earn

Players can earn tokens by:
– Join the boss hunt every day.
– Participate in PVP battles to complete missions.
– Rank high on the leaderboard in each season.
– Participate in tournaments.
– Special events such as 1×2 events (win or lose bets on the match)

LUS Token

LUS is a 350,000,000 pre-mined token, the governance token of LunaRush.



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