Win a Reign of Terror Mystery Crate through Open Loot

Win a Reign of Terror Mystery Crate through Open Loot


Reign of Terror and Open Loot are holding a special giveaway for Mystery Crates — contents unknown! Joining the giveaway is free, though you do need an Open Loot account and you will also need to join the Reign of Terror Discord.

Reign of Terror, a suite of games set in a cyberpunk world, is holding a special Mystery Loot Crate giveaway in partnership with Open Loot.

To be eligible you must sign into Open Loot, connect your Discord account, and join the Reign of Terror Discord server. You can join the giveaway here. Entries are open until Thursday, October 5th, 6pm UTC. The giveaway doesn’t say how many entries there are, but there are 5,000 crates to giveaway.

what could be inside?

What is Reign of Terror?

Reign of Terror is a suite of games set within the same cyberpunk world. The title game, Reign of Terror, will be a tactical, sqaud-based combat game, reminiscent of X-com. Solana blockchain Players can go on raids, earn rewards, level up their Agents, craft equipment and weapons as well as controlling lands and facilities to produce rare items and resources. Reign of Terror will include both PvE and PvP zones.

At the moment, Reign of Terror is in a pre-alpha demo phase, with a very limited part of the game available. But, if you want to give it a try, or just to bookmark the game for later, you can find it on the Elixir launcher.

Reign of Terror prototype screenshot

The other games currently planned (and announced) are Awakening, Hacker Assault, and The Uprising.

The Awakening is currently available to play, but you need Agents in order to do so. Current going price for Agents is 5.5 SOL and up. In Awakening, players send their Agents out on missions to earn rewards and learn more about the world. There is also a related Vault game, requiring players to work together as a community to locate hidden vaults on time-limited maps.

Hacker Assault is slated to be released soon. This game mode features players working together to defeat AI bosses inside of security systems. The Uprising will be an auto-battle style game.

Each of these games is also meant to build on the last, bringing the players through an intricate storyline as they progress.

This ecosystem includes a token, REIGN. Reign is used in all of the different games for various perks and game activities.