Final Two Weeks of Everseed Alpha

Final Two Weeks of Everseed Alpha

Though the Everseed alpha will soon draw to a close, the development team continues to deliver new updates to their players on a regular basis over these final weeks. These not only include bug fixes and quality of life improvements, but also introduce new Battle Plants and even new Companions!

Only two weeks left to participate in the Everseed Alpha! The alpha will close on October 3rd. After that the game will shut down for a while while the team prepares for the next phase.

For those who like rewards, a new seasonal pass just opened. This Pass runs through level 50, with rewards such as Glint, bonuses, and Maps. The unique reward for this alpha season comes at level 31 in the form of a special Season of Stars Diddit. Diddits are soulbound NFTs that Everseed uses to track community participation. A badge of sorts, showing that you were there. Diddits could also potentially lead to some rewards in the future.

the Companions of Everseed

Recent Updates

There have a been a number of changes and additions to the Everseed alpha over the past month. We have a new Companion, the Electro Gecko. The Gecko attacks all enemies in a line with Lightning damage, that also spreads through Stream and Rubble tiles. The Gecko’s special ability causes lighting to strike random enemies. This brings our Companion options to six.

New Battle Plants include the Ghostberry whose attacks scare the enemy, causing them to run away for a short time, and the SpringFruit, a plant with a long attack range, but a very slow attack speed.

We also have buffs in the form of Fresh-Picked Fruit, Seasonal Veggies, and Flowering Blooms. These provide various bonuses for Companions and Battle Plants and are found by earning Prosperity and progressing through the ranks.

As for gameplay, level 1 adventures no longer require a map. Only level 2 and 3 adventures need maps, which players can receive for free (one of each per day) at the in-game shop, or purchase with Glint, the in-game currency.

Season of the Stars Diddit on the reward track

What is Everseed?

Everseed is a game about exploring the world and fighting against the Blight. Players will find encounters while wandering, leading to a tower defense style match where the player uses Battle Plants that they own as defense against creatures from the Blight!

Everseed offers a bit more strategy than most tower defense games. The creeps don’t have set paths they follow. Instead, they take the shortest route they can to your base. Players have a semi-open choice about where to place their Plants (towers), though some terrain cannot be built on, and terrain also needs to be cleared of the Blight first. But, this more open building concept allows players to create their own, customized gauntlet of doom for the creep waves!

Players have limited Energy to spend each round. So choosing between placing new plants, revealing hidden terrain, and watering (leveling up plants) requires some thought and planning. And since watering is an area of effect ability, finding ways to group your plants together for maximum efficiency can be important as well. Plants can also be leveled up as the round progresses, offering new abilities or stat boosts.

Players also choose a Companion to help them in battle. Companions can move freely before the round starts, block creep pathing, and each have their own unique attack and special abilities.