MOOW is revolutionary Move-To-Earn project with the Social-Fi and Lifestyle features.

MOOW is revolutionary Move-To-Earn project with the Social-Fi and Lifestyle features.

MOOW is merging Art, Crypto, Sport and Games together! The main feature of MOOW is the use of the user’s heart rate to implement the Move-To-Earn mechanic instead of GPS. This feature allows our users to engage in ANY sport or non-sport activity that brings the heart rate out of rest.

We believe that Do_something-To-Earn projects are the future of building strong motivation to do any kind of activities.

And we are here to bring the brand new heart tracking algorithm to track users’ activities which is breaking all the limitations of the current M2E projects.

MOOW is revolutionary by 3 main reasons:

1. The heart rate algorithm allows users to do any activity to earn tokens. Not only outdoor walking or running. This point is super actual for cold and hot countries! Moreover, it is attractive for people who prefer indoor activities!

2. We are paying attention to the huge group of people with mobility limitations. That is what other Move-To-Earn projects don’t do.

3. MOOW is Art! Our Creative Director is Misha Libertee, one of the most popular Techno-Renaissance artists in the Crypto community and Pop-culture. And all of our NFTs are made in collaborations with Artists!

MOOW has 3 main NFT types:

1. Heart tracking device – Pulse Tracker. There will be 10 000 Genesis Trackers which are given away to the Active part of the MOOW community absolutely for free.

2. Loot box with the Tracker – PulseBox. There will be also 10 000 Gensesis PulseBoxes. Genesis PulseBoxes allow to get Genesis Pulse Trackers!

3. Art NFT! All the Pulse trackers are the pieces of Art. If you have MOOW Pulse Tracker you will be able to unlock corresponding NFT Art which is made by one of the famous Artists!

Also, users will be able to breed their Pulse Tracker to Mint Brand new unique Pulse Trackers!

Getting Started

Quick step by step guide to get started
To start using MOOW you need a supported device:
iOS – Closed Alpha
Android – Closed Alpha
Plus you need one of the heart rate devices that can be connected to Apple Health or Google Fit
1. Download the MOOW App
Note: MOOW is in the closed testing. To get access you need to follow instructions:
First of all, you need to get a special role on MOOW Discord Server. ?
2. Register in the application
To register, you will need an email address that will receive a confirmation code. After registration, you will need to enter an activation code, which can be obtained from active members of the MOOW community or friends.
3. Connect your Heart Rate tracking device to MOOW
iOS: MOOW App will ask you to connect to Apple Health.
Android: MOOW App will ask you to connect to Google Fit.
4. Create a BNB Chain Wallet on the MOOW App
The app will generate a 12-word secret seed phrase. Save this phrase in a safe place, it is necessary to restore access to your cryptocurrency and tokens. After that, the application will ask you to set a 6-digit password to enter the wallet and confirm transactions. Congratulations, you now have a full-fledged BNB wallet!
5. Top up your BNB wallet
Pulse Trackers are sold by other players on our Marketplace for BNB or TAC, so you will need them to get started. You can use any convenient exchange or DEX where you can purchase BNB cryptocurrency.
6. Get a Free level 1 Pulse Tracker or buy a level 20-30 NFT Pulse Tracker on the Marketplace!
MOOW provides free-to-play options. Every new player gets a level 1 non-NFT Pulse Tracker for FREE. Levels 1-19 are non-NFT for free-to-play participants. After the moment Pulse Tracker reaches level 20 it turns into NFT.
To buy level 20-30 Trackers you need to go to the official Marketplace in the MOOW App, apply filters to make your search easier and choose a Pulse Tracker you like! To make a purchase, you will need to transfer BNB from your personal cryptocurrency wallet to an in-game wallet, after which you can make a purchase.
We do not recommend using third-party NFT marketplaces to avoid scams before official announcements.
7. You are all set!
Wait for the energy recovery, start MOOWing, and enjoy the game!

Move-To-Earn Game Modes

MOOW provides 2 different Move-To-Earn Game modes:
Solo mode – launched
PvP mode – coming soon
Learn more by following corresponding subpages.

Solo mode

The main Move-To-Earn Mode
The Basic Training game mode runs in the background, recording the daily activity of the User over the past 24 hours.
In this mode, players earn $TIC or $TAC tokens under the following conditions:
You have at least one MOOW Pulse Tracker in the Inventory;
You have a supported phone and a device that measures your Heart Rate and transfers it to Apple Health or Google Fit;
There is available energy;
The application determines the heart rate zones for the last 24 hours, the pulse in which corresponded to the selected Heart Rate Tracker;
You managed to Claim $TIC tokens for eligible pulse zones in 24 hours.
The MOOW App has to access your Apple Health or Google Fit to track your Heart Rate.
TIC earnings
$TIC is our In-Game Token and is available to Trackers of any level.
1. EC = Energy Consumption = 0,2 energy per 1 min (10 min = 2 energy);
2. TA = Total Accuracy = Base Accuracy + Accuracy level upgrade + MODs bonus Accuracy;
3. LegitTime = (Time in Tracker pulse zone range / time) WHILE EC LASTS;
4. SystemParameter is managed by MOOW Team;
Each Accuracy attribute makes a really strong boost of $TIC earnings. So, the level 1 Tracker and the level 10 Tracker earn completely different numbers.
TAC earnings
$TAC is our Governance Token and is available for high-end players with the level 30 Tracker only.
There will be an Allocation Pool of 148148 $TAC for each in-game day.
All TAC from this Pool are distributed once per day to all players based on the used Energy and Performance Attribute of the Pulse Trackers used to obtain the $TAC.
A special $TAC pool for MOO holders will also be launched. $TAC for this pool will be taken from the main Allocation Pool. .
This $TAC allocation rule will be in effect until the end of 2027, after which it will be changed.
Learn more in !
Heart Beats earnings
Heart Beats is a virtual In-Game currency. You cannot transfer, sell or buy it.
Each time you claim $TIC or $TAC, you earn Heart Beats, which are essential for various game mechanics such as leveling and minting.
For every claimed minute, you get 90-100 Heart Beats.
We do not recommend that you reach extreme heart rate zones! This will not affect HB’s earnings. Moreover, it is dangerous!

[exploring] PvP mode

PvP Move-To-Earn Mode
This mode is in the discovery, not approved yet.
Players will be able to compete with each other in one-to-one or guild-to-guild activity battles.
There are 4 main aspects of the game mode:
Matchmaking. Fighters are connected via ELO rating system.
Personal and Guild ELO are based on the common standard of ELO scoring. Read more about ELO in the .
Special Tracker Attributes and Tracker Modes which affect a course of battle and results.
Leaderboard and Seasons. The very new season launches every 3 months, and current season results become legacy, allowing users to start battling for the leadership again.

NFT Pulse Trackers

Pulse Trackers are MOOW NFTs around which MOOW gameplay and Move-To-Earn mechanics are built. This page describes the key aspects of Pulse Trackers.

Pulse Tracker Types

Pulse Tracker Type
Move-To-Earn Pulse Zones
Activity – available
HR > 90
Meditation – coming soon
50 < HR < 90
Sleeping – coming soon
Cheating – coming soon
HR > 40

MOOW credits Tokens only if the user is in the heart rate zone corresponding to the selected Tracker.

Pulse Tracker Attributes

Accuracy – is a key parameter for the Base Game mode, depending on which TIC tokens are credited. In the future, it will be applied to other game modes for earning TIC tokens.
Performance – is a key parameter for the Base Mode game mode, depending on which TAC tokens are credited. In the future, it will be applied to other game modes for earning TAC tokens.
Utility – coming soon.
Endurance – affects the battery consumption of the device. Increasing this attribute reduces battery consumption after game modes have ended.
Pulse Tracker Rarities
The main difference between Tracker rarities is the Min. and Max. attribute value at level 1.
This difference greatly affects the in-game mechanics!

Rarity                                                                         Min. Attribute                                                         Max. Attribute

Genesis Pulse Trackers:
All the Trackers with Serial Numbers in range 1 – 5 000.
These 5 000 NFTs are eligible for Airdrops, Secret Contests and other FOMO-events.
Learn more about Genesis Pulse Tracker Tokenomics.