Axie Homeland Alpha Season 2

Axie Homeland launches into Season 2 of their alpha, with over 1 million mAXS tokens up for grabs on the leaderboards!

Axie Homeland launches into Season 2 of their alpha, with over 1 million mAXS tokens up for grabs on the leaderboards!

Alphas with play and earn opportunities are a pretty unique feature of web3 gaming and a great way to reward early supporters!

Alpha Season 2 of the Axie-based farming and plot decorating game known as Axie Homeland kicks into gear. It started on April 19th, 2023 and will last for 30 days. Players can earn mAXS token prizes for placing in the top 500 spots of the Passive Adventure and / or Land Development leaderboards. Payouts are in mAXS tokens, which are 1/1000th of an AXS (1,000 mAXS = 1 AXS token). But these are still some nice rewards!

Alpha Season 2 also comes with a new Seasonal Achievement Award system. Players can earn exclusive titles by reaching certain milestones during the season.

The user interface has been improved with a new Task Management window. This allows players to see all of their Axies and their current status. This should make managing and directing your Axies a much easier task. In addition, the adventurer equip screen has some improvements as well.

Accessing the Axie Homeland requires owning an Axie land plot. These can be purchased in the Axie market, but be prepared to pay $1,000+ for a plot!

What is Axie Homeland?

Axie Homeland is a game about building and growing on your land plot while putting your Axies to work. The main goal of Homeland is to manage a settlement as efficiently as possible in order to equip adventurers with gear and supplies to defeat waves of monsters. The more successful these adventurers are, the more rewards the landowner receives. Players need to grow crops and construct buildings, assigning Axies to take care of the work.

Right now, Axie Homeland offers the following features:

Gather – gather raw materials from the surrounding environment
Craft – craft powerful gear and supplies for your adventurers
Trade – trade with native adventurers and other landowners for in-game currency
Decorate – beautify your land plot
Build – build the necessary infrastructure to craft gear and process raw materials
Passive Adventure – equip and send your adventurers to battle
Compete – strive to be one of the top players on the leaderboards
Explore – explore the world of Lunacia as landowners turn their empty land plots into massive settlements
At some point in the future, Homeland will tie back into Axie Origins, with both games supporting each other in different ways.