Rage on Wheels

Rage on Wheels. $ROW is an #Play2Earn #metaverse game that combines the thrill of popular vehicular battle and crafting games.

Rage on Wheels. $ROW is an #Play2Earn #metaverse game that combines the thrill of popular vehicular battle and crafting games.

The atmosphere of Rage on Wheels shares the post-apocalyptic aesthetics of Mad Max and games like Crossout. It’s the year 2063, and most of the planet has become a barren desert following a major environmental and social crisis. Players fight each other for territory and survival using powerful armored vehicles. Every vehicle is unique and has its own advantages in a fight. Users can leverage their cars’ resources to ‘mine’ even more vehicles – then use them in the Arena, sell them, or mint them as NFTs.

Rage on Wheels is an that combines the thrill of popular vehicular battle and crafting games like and Scrapland.

Remastered with the complex economics of NFT-based trading card games like DeFi Kingdoms and Gods Unchained. Thanks to the use of a hybrid onchain-offchain architecture and the use of the BSC blockchain, users can enjoy a smooth gameplay and minimal fees.

Play2Earn continues to be one of the biggest blockchain trends going into 2022. However, the niche is

plagued by several serious issues:

  • High blockchain fee costs for players
  • Diminishing P2E returns
  • Weak tokenomics that lead to oversupply and price dumps
  • Poor design and gameplay in contrast with bold initial promises

Rage on Wheels. $ROW is an #Play2Earn #metaverse game

Rage on Wheels History

The game takes place in a dystopian reality where drivers of powerful battle vehicles fight for resources and control of the territory after most of humanity have been wiped out by a major crisis. The vehicles are the main asset in Rage on Wheels: they can be bought in closed Mystery Boxes or directly from other players in the marketplace

Rage on Wheels Gameplay


Rage on Wheels is the Play2Earn game you’ve been waiting for. Build an army of battle vehicles and ride them into battle, win tournaments, collect rewards in ROW tokens and even mine new cars. Become a feared leader in this dystopian world.


It’s the year 2063, and most of the planet is now a barren desert. Skeletons of great cities rise out of the dusty plains, and rival gangs fight for territory in their powerful cars. Your loyal battle vehicle is your only hope to capture resources and survive.


There are 5 levels of 40 vehicles each – 200 unique designs in total. You can trade cars in the marketplace and even mine new ones. And if you collect 3 identical vehicles, you can merge them into a higher-level one.


Every car has a ‘hashrate’, and the higher your total hashrate, the faster you’ll mine new vehicles. Mining goes on behind the scenes, 24/7. You can grow your army of battle cars for free!


We use a hybrid onchain-offchain architecture and Binance Smart Chain to minimize fees. Rage on Wheels is faster and cheaper to play than most P2E games.


You’ll get the best price if you stock up on powerful battle cars during the pre-sale (IGO). You can pay with BNB, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Pre-register and get whitelisted right now!


You can mint any of your vehicles as an NFT and send it to an external wallet and then list it on a marketplace like OpenSea. In Rage of Wheels v.2, you’ll even be able to build your own craft cars and mint them!



Win ROW tokens for the 1st, 2nd, or even the 3rd place in every battle

Get new cars for free with zero effort. Your vehicles mine 24/7!

Stake ROW tokens and earn up to 100% APY in rewards. Harvest any time.


This game has everything: exciting battles, sophisticated economy, great design, and of course, very generous rewards. Once you’ve tried Rage on Wheels, you won’t want to go back to other Play2Earn games. Check out the Roadmap to see all the great stuff we’re preparing for the next release!

8 “Play to Earn” reward flows
3 battle modes: PvP, PvE & tournaments
Limited ROW supply and no VC allocations
Lazy NFT minting & a built-in marketplace
Crafting system (coming up in v.2.0)


1st STEP
Q1 2023
Smart contract audit
IGO (NFTs presale)
Rage On Wheels v1.0 BSC Mainnet Launch
ROW PancakeSwap listing
Staking & mining launch
Internal NFT marketplace launch
Advanced marketplace (BUY Orders)
Referral program launch
Negotiations with CEX’s (centralized exchanges)

2nd STEP
Q2 2023
First regional communities (Portuguese-, Russian- and Spanish-speaking)
LandBoxes mining
New MysteryBox Crafting subsystem
Crafting (without animation)
Advanced spare part mining
Rage On Wheels v2.0 release
More marketplace items
ROW DAO concept statement

3rd STEP
Q3 2023
Ethereum token/nft gate
Uniswap ROW/ETH trading pair
Official third party NFT marketplace
ROW listing on a Tier-2 CEX
ROW yield farming (staking changes)
First tournaments
Partnerships with more GameFi projects
Chainlink Keepers & Data feeds integratioin

4th STEP
Q4 2023
Solana token/nft gate
Orca DEX ROW/SOL trading
Improved battle animations
Non-random PvE battle outcomes
Full PvP battle release and customization
Character customization
Advanced crafting animations
Vehicle parameters (armor, attack etc.)
Card collections and packs
Multiplayer mechanics development

5th STEP
Q1 2024
Polygon token/nft gate
Uniswap ROW/MATIC trading pair
Luck system
Dev team expansion
Listing on 1 more Tier-2 Cex
User profile implementation
Additional regional communities
V. 3.0 release
BEP-1155 support
Vehicle breeding
Non-battle animations
Minting characters as NFTs

6th STEP
Q2 2024
In-game chat
Android app development & testing
Ambassador program
Negotiations with Tier-1 exchanges
Character storylines
DAO voting system testing
Player guilds and leagues