Midnight Society

Pickup a Drivers Key Package for Deadrop Access

Midnight Society, the company behind the in-development, vertical extraction shooter Deadrop, is now offering a sale for Drivers Key Packages that contain a number of items, including vehicle wraps, and also provide purchasers access to the game starting with the next snapshot!

You would think that the cars and the concept of vertical extraction shooter wouldn’t really work well together. But Deadrop is going to give it a try with the introduction of their new Drivers Key Packages. Each of these packages contains a number of special items and also provides access to the development builds of Deadrop.

The next Deadrop release is known as Snapshot VII and is currently planned for release on October 20th.

Drivers Key Packages

There are four packages to choose from — Dr. Disrepect, Hotshot, Deadrop, and Midnight. Each package contains a legendary vehicle wrap, a legendary license plate, five exotic crates, and pre-alpha game access. The legendary items will be tradeable once they open up their own marketplace. The other items are not tradeable. Inside of the exotic crates are various items to help players customize their characters such as different weapons and character clothing.

All of the packages cost $29.98 (USD) except for Dr. Disrespect which costs $39.98. In addition, anyone who purchases all four Driver Key Packages will receive a one-time bonus of ten exotic crates.

The license plates will be used for decorating the player’s stash house and the vehicle wraps will be used in an upcoming racing game.

And for those who want an even cheaper option, you can purchase just an early access game pass for $9.99. Checkout is done through Stripe, so no crypto accepted. Go to https://midnightsociety.com/drive to see the options and make a purchase.


What is Deadrop?

Deadrop is a vertical extraction shooter developed by a company called Midnight Society.

Set in a dystopian future, the world of Deadrop features giant arcologies that extract toxins from the air and turn it into Space Dust, a popular, highly addictive substance that also functions as a currency. In game, players gather as much loot as then can carry during a run and then try to make it to the extraction point before time runs out.

Deadrop is approaching their release plans a little differently than most games. Basically, they drop a new snapshot of the current development build to their players every three months. These Snapshot releases are a way for their supporters to get early previews of the game, and also provide feedback throughout the development process.

At the moment, the game is only accessible to those who own a Founder’s Pass or a Tower Key. Tower Keys are account bound items, and not currently for sale. Founder’s Passes can be picked up on Open Sea, but the current floor price is over $350. Founders Passes also function as PFPs, each one a unique, generative NFT.

Deadrop is still in pre-alpha, early access, but it has been receiving some positive reviews from streamers who have tried out the game.