My Pet Hooligan Opens Public Early Access

My Pet Hooligan Opens Public Early Access

My Pet Hooligan launches into early access through Epic Games, bringing their Hooligan Rabbit-themed FPS to the public! In addition, in partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming, those who link their Amazon Prime accounts can receive a set of cosmetic items for free!

My Pet Hooligan enters early access, letting anyone join in on the rabbit-themed mayhem, and potentially even earning early access NFTs along the way!

My Pet Hooligan early access includes a season pass, with various prizes including cosmetics — some even legendary! Players accumulate points towards their season pass simply by playing the game.

My Pet Hooligan also has a new partnership with Amazon Gaming! Much like the deal we saw with Mojo Melee not long ago, anyone who links their Amazon Prime account to My Pet Hooligan will receive a selection of legendary rarity cosmetic items. There are a couple of hoops to jump through, but overall the process was quick and painless. You can get started on that here.

And apparently there will be more! The team says there will be future, monthly drops for My Pet Hooligan through Prime Gaming!

Players can download and install My Pet Hooligan from through the Epic Games store.

Amazon Prime Gaming NFT drop

In addition, anyone who owns a Hooligan NFT can claim a special Founders and OG Prison Packs from the Hooligan website. These contain limited edition, cosmetic NFTs.

What is My Pet Hooligan?

Sort of a GTA occupied by rabbits with attitude, My Pet Hooligan is a third-person, shoot-em-up style game. MPH offers a number of different game modes for players, including Team Death Match, Battle Royale, and even a social, hangout area. The lore behind the game speaks of the rabbits freeing themselves from the clutches of Meta Zuckbot, an evil overlord and establishing a new, more anarchic world. With destructible, city-based environments, My Pet Hooligan promises plenty of carnage and mayhem for its players!

The primary Hooligan NFT collection consists of 8,888 rabbits with attitude, living on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning one of these playable NFTs also opens up early access to releases. But like many web3 projects, My Pet Hooligan isn’t content to just stay in one lane. They are also creating animated shorts, real life merchandise, and even offer ‘Hooligram’, an app that lets you animate your Hooligan and even have it imitate your facial expressions! This is built to feed into potential user created content with their own Hooligans, with owners retaining IP rights for their NFTs. In addition, they offer 3d models of all of the Hooligans for creators to use.

Hooligan Holders also passively earn s-karrots, a precursor to Karrots, the official game currency.

The game is free to play, but you can also purchase a Hooligan NFT on Open Sea if you want your own unique avatar.