Legacy Announces October Release Date

Legacy Announces October Release Date

Legacy, the web3 game about building an efficient production line and designing creative products, has announced an official release date of October 26th, 2023! With a move to the Gala Chain, Legacy is now prepared to let users utilize their NFTs in-game, and apparently are even ready to start handing out game rewards to players!

The news out of 22cans, the production team behind the Legacy game, has been sparse over the last nine months. But a surprise announcement from the team reveals an official launch date of October 26th, 2023!

Along with this release comes the full integration of Legacy into the rapidly growing Gala Chain. While this makes it easy for the game to seamlessly and cheaply send rewards to the players, items will need to bridged back to Ethereum for any sales. Presumably, at some point in the hopefully near future, Gala Games will have a full marketplace integrated into their Gala Chain.

It’s been almost two years since landowners purchased their NFT land deeds for Legacy. Now, finally, landowners will have a chance to use their own lands to play. In addition, landowners receive a daily allotment of in-game Gems for use in joining Design Competitions. There will also be Legacy Deed Keys that will let non-landowners play as well! We don’t have any more information on the Legacy Deed Keys, but it may be some sort of scholarship system or more akin to a referral system

We should have more details soon, including what NFT owners need to do in order to bridge their items to Gala Chain. Keep an eye on their chat in the Gala Games Discord for additional information.

This feels like kind of a big jump. Especially since Legacy has only had limited, public playtesting, and has also not run a playtest since late last year! But I guess the team feels pretty confident with their current product. And they are hopefully prepared to make changes to their live game as issues, bugs, and exploits are found!


What is Legacy?

Legacy is a business simulation game where players develop and grow a business. Players start with a basic product such as a cake or burger, and then edit it to add ingredients. Each additional ingredient adds to the production cost and increases the value of the item. Players will need to find a balance between saving money and making quality products. They will also have to account for throughput from Refineries and Factories, manufacturing time, and how quickly the Delivery Van can bring the final products to their destination.

In addition, players have the option of upgrading their buildings with more storage space, or with power up cards that boost a certain production aspect. And, as players expand and construct new buildings, the number of options available to them increase as well. So there are certainly plenty of factors to consider then playing Legacy!

Players can win LegacyCoins tokens through special Events and Design Competitions. Designed by Peter Molyneux, Legacy is part of the Gala Games suite of projects.