Tales of Angels  ($ANGT) Be a God, Defeat demons in dungeons and earn tokens having fun and improving your skills.

Tales of Angels  ($ANGT) Be a God, Defeat demons in dungeons and earn tokens having fun and improving your skills.

In the world of Tales of Angels, the Gods seek to keep the peace from the enemy attacks generated by evil spirits and demons that have emerged from the underworld to steal mythical objects that belong to the Gods. With these, they could increase their power much more.

The Adventure will be the one primary source of income in the game. Each player will have to think accordingly to their NFT elements and status to successfully complete the map chosen. There will be 4 types of maps which. Each one will have a level of rarity so each God can farm in it.

Dungeons are the second form of farming inside the game. This mode, in particular will have higher rewards than the Adventure mode, and the items drop rate will be rarer than the adventure. Dungeons will require three times more energy than adventure mode.

Presale : 1 March 2022


In the world of Tales of Angels, the Gods seek to keep the peace from the enemy attacks generated by corrupt spirits and demons that have emerged from the underworld to steal mythical objects that belong to the Gods. With these, they could increase their power much more.

Having the same objective gods and angels join forces to prevent the mythical objects to be stolen so they can keep the peace take care of their people and protect the most powerful objects in the entire universe, it would be a problem if they fell into the wrong hands

In the year 700 B.C. during the appearance of one of the most powerful Gods in human history. Zeus who in the world of Tales of Angels rules Olympus allied with other gods, including Artemis, Ares, and Poseidon, who prioritized keeping the peace.

One day everything changes, the appearance of Hades arrives who commands a whole troop of warriors and evil spirits who came to steal one of the most important mystical objects, with this granted power they destroyed a part of the city by opening a portal where they could enter more than 100,000 evil spirits.

All the gods got very angry and gathered more angelic forces to fight the problem that hades had caused, among them were Chronos, Hermes, and Athenas who worked hard to solve by going on expeditions in order to find the whereabouts of hades and thus be able to remove him the magic object.

Some demigods were interested in fighting alongside Zeus and his crew of gods including Aton, Hamori, Banzai, and Magni to protect the future of the nation.
Seeing so much determination and so much power that was felt in all parts of the world, warriors from all over became interested in pursuing a dream of being recognized for their efforts before the God Zeus, so they steeled themselves and trained hard to help in such expeditions and thus search for objects, clues, and information on where you can find the magic piece that made everything go out of control, the crown of Hades.

What is Tales of Angels?

Tales of Angels is a new generation Click-to-earn game that will bring players the sense of fun and progression that other P2E games are missing. We have prepared different game modes where players will have their own strategy according to their investment while at the same time having fun. Also, even though we know that NFT games are at the beginning of something big in the future, our vision includes the development of this incredible idea into an actual playable 3D game.

Players will be able to trade and sell their Gods and Mystical Items to other players and also bet on PVP with the conviction of their Gods. The game has calculated a considerable ROI for every player and investment category so people can earn from the game and keep upgrading their characters.

The game will work on the Binance Smart Chain ( BEP-20) which has given a lot of good results when it comes to reliability, transactions fees, and velocity.


Gods are the rulers of the world against the demons
Gods are the strongest characters in the game. With the power of Gods, you will be able to farm in different areas and game modes. Each God has different attributes that will specialize in something different. Gods will also have rarities as follow:
​​- Common

These are known as demigods. They are hybrid humans that contain a small portion of the power of Gods. They will work as soldiers which will have 4 different elements as well, and will be available as:
— Male Warrior
— Female Warrior

– Rare

Rares are also known as Insanity Gods. They possess the power of Gods but they have to respect the higher grade Gods as they are more powerful. They will have complete powers and will be available as:
— Aton
— Hamori
— Benzai
— Magni

– Epic

These are very powerful Gods that almost enter the legendary category. They are also known as Mighty Gods. They rule the earth and have a high level of respect from other creatures. They will be available as follow:
— Chronos
— Hermes
— Ares
— Athena

– Legendary

Legendary Gods rule the Sky and the Earth. They have the most powerful mystical items and they are responsible to guard against the demons. They are also known as God-Level and their power can not be compared. They will be available as follow:
— Zeus
— Artemis
— Hades
— Poseidon


Demons wants to steal the power of Gods though mystical item
Demons will be the enemies of the Gods in the game. They won”t be playable characters but players will fight against them to protect the Mystical items and prevent the demons to obtain their power. Through adventure mode, players might face small demons. However, in dungeons is where you can encounter Boss level demons that give more rewards.

There will be different kinds of demons such as:

– Mammon: Demon of Greed
– Asmodeus: Demon of Lust
– Leviathan: Demon of Envy
– Beelzebub: Demon of Gluttony
– Lucifer: Demon of Wrath
– Belphegor: Demon of Sloth
– There will be one more which will be a surprise for those who get to the last level of the dungeon.


The powers of elements are for those who think wisely
Elements are a counter mechanic inside the game. They work as increase/decrease stats mechanics to balance the decisions of the players and add some level of difficulty to the game. Elements will also determine the earnings and item drops for the player. For example, we have implemented that elements counters will increase success probability when cleaning an adventure map or even have increased power against dungeons monster of the opposite element.
Elements work as follow:

Farming Modes

The sources of income in the game
Clear the adventure mode or dungeons every day with your powerful Gods defeating demons to gain greatness powerful items and $ANGT tokens.

Mystical Items & Craft

Those who deserve to be called God are the ones who have the power of the mystical items.
Crafting will have an essential function inside the game. A large part of the economy will be based on dropped items and crafting. Players will face situations where they will need other player’s items to craft the Mystical item that they are looking for. This would create a circular economy inside the game where money can keep rotating and items will keep on demand.
Mystical Items are divided into two groups, the requirements
and the product which are:

-Divine Items ( Equipment)

-Demonic Items ( Requirement)


Defeat other players and get amazing rewards
List up to 5 Gods using different elements to fight others players Gods and let the most powerful God win. Earn $ANGT Tokens every time you defeat other players. Matches will be determined by players MMR ( God’s total power)
To fight another player each side must bet a certain amount of $ANGT Token the amount of $ANGT Token must be equal and the winner takes 75% of the rewards, then the remaining 25% goes to the reward pool.

Circular Economy

A step to the future of NFT game economy

The team has taken time to investigate what happens with most of the play-to-earn or click-to-earn games of the season and we have found few things in common. Games are actually good and enjoyable, people like to play them and invest in them without issues as long they can make some money from them. However, there’s one thing that we must take into account. Once people get their ROI and start getting extra value from the game the reward pool starts to decrease continuously until either the token or the game dies.

This partially happens because:
They are missing enough burning methods to keep the supply and demand stable.
They don’t have a way of reinvestment after the initial investment.

Taking this into account we can come to the conclusion that the fix to the problem is to implement a solution to these particular issues. That’s where Circular Economy starts its magic on Tales of Angels.

The circular economy will be based on dropped items that will be extremely valuable for players and the game for progression. Players always want a future in the game and we have given them one through crafting. While farming and completing dungeons you will always have the chance to get items that are useful to craft Mystical Items.

The question would be: How can crafting regulate the circular economy?

This can be answered in different ways since the circular economy scheme will be in the future a composition of different elements that complement each other. For now, the marketplace will be the key to this.

New Players will be able to buy Gods from the marketplace, but they should not be interested in buying crafting items unless they know how the game works in depth. Players who find crafting items will be able to put them into the marketplace for sale.

After people get their ROI and start to get value from the game, automatically it will slowly start to get harder and require God’s equipment upgrades which means that crafting items will be on-demand. People will have the option to try to fight with the minimum requirement or to consistently upgrade their Gods to keep on the meta.

An example would look like this.
(x) God with (x) rarity has (750) Power. Dungeon requirements after the first season will increase to (1000) Power. The Player would need to upgrade God’s gear to get the extra (250) Power in order to match or surpass the power of the Dungeon. Crafting Items will only be sold by players and not the game itself.

Chronos Oracle

A a function to keep everyone’s money and roi safe

The purpose of the Chronos Oracle is to balance the payment of the token in this case ANGT (Angel-Token) obtained through the game averaging the needed amount to match the current ROI in dollars.

If you currently get 10 tokens per adventure cleared, at a cost of 0,10$, it would mean that you get 1$ per expedition. However, if the token decreases in value then the Chronos oracle will match the number of tokens needed to get the ROI accordingly ( 20 tokens at 0,05$ cost per 1$ generated and so on) and the player’s payment will be made on $BUSD.

Lastly, if the mint of the dungeons, craft system, and fees makes the coin increase in value then it will require fewer tokens, and if the mint of the mentioned decreases then it will require more tokens. This will maintain the in-game economy and will balance the cost of minting God’s and all the other activities.

$ANGT Token

The ANGT is a (BSC- BEP20) token that will function as the main in-game currency.
The token will be used in different ways such as:
Earning rewards from Farming / Arena PVP / Dungeons
Staking rewards
Upgrading characters gears to increase maps entries
Fee cost for crafting Mystical objects
Commission for NFT combination
Trading on DEX’s
Marketplace items

Link : https://talesofangels.io/