Crypto Shots

Crypto Shots NFT | $BOOM token | Blockchain Gaming | Browser 3D game| Play-to-earn | WAX

Crypto Shots NFT | $BOOM token | Blockchain Gaming | Browser 3D game| Play-to-earn | WAX

Play and earn our WAX token BOOM, collect NFT weapon parts, merge them into NFT weapons, add NFT boosters and new NFT characters, take down enemies, travel to different planets using NFT spaceships, challenge your friends in NFT arenas.. all on the blockchain!!

What is Crypto Shots?

Crypto Shots is a #play-to-earn game that allows you to earn our tokens and our NFTs, all while having fun! Most of the play-to-earn games on WAX are 2D and simple click-to-earn games. But hey.. the 90’s called and want the 2D games back! ?

We think that the blockchain can be leveraged to power more entertaining games.
And since there were no other Shooter 3D games on Wax and Hive back when we started in October 2021, we decided that it was our mission to bring one to all the players out there that want to play, earn and have fun too!

Other blockchains already moved in this direction but they opted for Console games. We believe that we can reach the masses delivering a 3D game for browsers, so that it can be played across a variety of different devices: desktop browsers, mobile browsers, tablets, VR headsets, name it!

But the development of a 3D game takes time, so in the meantime we start creating the NFTs for our game using the same 3D models that will be in the game, and we put them to use in a Discord game that we developed in order to allow our users to premine our $BOOM token.

Milestones achieved so far:

October ’21: kick-off of the project (personal investment of about $ 50,000)
NFT sales: all sold-out. Raised about $ 50,000 in WAX on top of the initial funding.
November ’21: launch of our Discord Game B-otto and then Teknopolly.
January 23rd: launch of the alpha version of our 3D game on the WAX testnet (
[in progress] February 2022: launch of the alpha on the WAX mainnet
For the next goals see our ROADMAP ..spoilers: HIVE, ETH 2.0, VR/AR #metaverse, Multiplayer, …

Discord Game

The minimum requirement to start playing our Discord game is.. one Base Gun.
This is the very first Crypto Shots NFT minted on the WAX blockchain!

The Base Gun allows you to play straight away with our Discord bot B-otto in its dedicated Discord channel, and pre-mine our $BOOM token.

You can expand your Inventory with more weapons and items so that you can premine more of it. All the NFTs purchased for the Discord game have an use in the 3D game.

The Base Gun will be your default weapon in our First-Person-Shooter Game, and if you have more powerful weapons in your wallet, you will be able to find them, pick them up and use them against the enemies.

Unlike the other weapons that are level specific, the Base Gun can be used in every single level of the 3D game.
Note that all the level 0 (warehouse) weapons can be used on Discord as well.

Another perk of the Base Gun is that you can auto-stake them to earn up to 30% more BOOM tokens every time you win in the Discord game (+1% reward per extra gun). This is higher than the “level weapons”.

So, now that we explained you what you need to start playing to earn, let’s see how..

How to shoot in the Discord game

When you first join you need to link your Wax account with the !REGISTER command,
then to shoot you can just use !SHOOT

Possible outcomes:

Target HIT = +1 $BOOM (50% chance)
Target MISS = +0.2 $BOOM (25% chance)
SHOT back = -0.1 $BOOM (25% chance)

Every time you earn $BOOM (ie. you did not get shot) you also receive additional rewards based on your auto-staked NFTs (weapons and other items from your Inventory).

Extra rewards:

1. Base Gun = +(N x 1) % BOOM reward. N = amount of Base Guns.

NFT Name Max auto-staked Reward per item
Discord Game 30 +1% (ie. max +30%)
3D Game 15 +1% (ie. max +15%)

2. early-bird Discord role (assigned to the first 300 users that joined our Discord)
= +0.5% $BOOM. Applied to the Discord game only. Gives also other whitelisting perks.

NFT Name Reward per item
Discord Game 0.5%

3. Discord XP earned engaging with other users (without spamming)
= +(L x 0.1)% $BOOM
Examples: level 4 = +0.4% $BOOM, level 30 = +3% $BOOM
Users that reach level 10, 20 and 30 will also earn our Epic Badges that have the same booster in the 3D game.



The Base Gun allows you to shoot every 3 hours in our Discord game.
If you want to shoot more often than that, you can power up your arsenal.

The most powerful weapon that you have in your wallet is what determines your shooting frequency.

Depending on how many weapons you have, you will also earn a higher amount of $BOOM.

NFT Name Shooting frequency Max staked Discord Reward per item Max staked in 3D game Reward per item
Base Gun 3 hours 30 +1% (ie. max +30%) 15 +1% (ie. max +15%)
Laser Gun every 2 hours 5 +1% (ie. max +5%) 3 +1% (ie. max +3%)
Laser Rifle every 1.5 hours 3 +3% (ie. max +9%) 2 +3% (ie. max +6%)
Laser Shotgun every hour 2 +5% (ie. max +10%) 2 +5% (ie. max +10%)

How to obtain your weapons:

You can purchase directly the full weapons or the weapon parts the from other players that listed them on AtomicHub;
Or you can purchase the weapon parts packs, so that when you open them you can try and find weapon parts with the same rarity.
Once you have all the required weapon parts, you can then blend them to create the full weapons.

Note: the Base Gun is not sold in parts therefore it does not require blending.