Buy a Piece of Planet IX with Netempire MetaShares

Buy a Piece of Planet IX with Netempire MetaShares

Planet IX announces that the sale for MetaShares of the in-game, Netempire Corporation will open next week. The Netempire shares are more limited than those for other game corporations, and also receive funding from the in-game marketplace, giving these items some interesting potential!

A lot of web games talk about player ownership of the game and player governance. But Planet IX is taking things a step further by giving players an ownership stake in some of the basic game functions! This ownership comes in the form of MetaShare NFTs, shares for the in-game corporations. Each corporation is associated with a specific task and earns income from players using those features. This includes game functions such as Waste refining, crafting, raffles, or, in this case, the in-game marketplace!

purchase MetaShares to own a piece of corporations in Planet IX

Netempire MetaShare Info

Though the total number of shares for Netempire will total 9,999, only 1,998 of those are available in this upcoming sale. And owning a piece of Netempire early on could prove to be extremely lucrative. Players who stake their shares earn rewards from the treasury pool. Netempire refills it’s treasury from the NFT sales associated with the corporation (40% of the sales value), as well as commissions from the in-game marketplace. So as long as players are using the game markets for trades, then this corporation should have no trouble keeping its treasury full!

The Planet IX team says that the Netempire treasury pool already has over 500,000 IXT tokens in it from the sales of Netempire Genesis NFTs, making those first few months of staking income particularly valuable!

a few items for sale in the Netempire marketplace
The mint will be at and each share will cost 0.08 ETH, payable in ETH, USDT, MATIC or IXT tokens. Each wallet may mint as many shares as they would like.

We haven’t been given an exact date yet for the mint. Keep an eye on the Planet IX social channels for further announcements (Twitter, Discord).

In addition to this mint, players can also hold onto Netempire Genesis NFTs, which will provide an airdrop of one Netempire Metashare to each owner. The Genesis NFTs also provide other, ongoing bonuses such as airdrops, and 1000 PIX (plots, basically) each month! Netempire Genesis NFTs are still available to mint for 0.19 ETH.

benefits of the Netempire Genesis NFTs

What is Planet IX?

Planet IX is a complex mining / staking game built on the Polygon network. Players stake Land NFTs, or PIX, to hexes around their central base to generate resources. The basic resource is Waste, which players can sell back to the game. To begin building players need contracts for each base level they wish to expand on.

Players stake PIX into the hexes around their Mission Control to generate resources. If a player has enough PIX that are adjacent to each other on the world map, they can combine them to create Territories, which provide extra bonuses. On top of that, players can construct facilities to produce Energy and make other improvements on their tiles, craft various facilities and blueprints, and stake Energy to earn IXT tokens.

Players also own shares of the in-game corporations earning passive revenue from in-game transactions.

Planet IX is not free to play. Players need to own at least one PIX to play. Supposedly they will have some sort of free to play option in the future. But for now, you need Land NFTs to play. Players must own PIX, to then stake them into their accessible plots. These plots then generate Waste, which the player can sell for tokens to build up their plots and start producing other resources.

To learn more about Planet IX, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.