Champions Ascension Announces Migration to Polygon

Champions Ascension Announces Migration to Polygon

The latest Emperor’s Decree from Champions Ascension brings us news of a planned migration to Polygon, as well as an upcoming leveling system for players, with perks for reaching higher ranks!

Champions Ascension announced today that they plan to migrate to the Polygon blockchain. This is a rather timely announcement as there has been a lot of discussion in crypto-circles about the recent rise in gas fees caused primarily due to the crazy trading volume around the PEPE token.

We don’t have any technical details yet. Though expect to see that information soon as this migration is expected to begin at the end of June! The Champions Ascension team has also stated that the migration will be a free and easy process for the players. There is no deadline for migrating, but there are hints that you will want to migrate sooner rather than later.

As an added bonus all Champions will receive a visual upgrade with the migration.

Chrono Imperium Obelisk

The world of Massina will see a new addition for those on Polygon. Known as the Chrono Imperium Obelisk, this feature rewards players who visit it daily with experience points.
Experience earned from the Obelisk feeds into a leveling system. There are 11 Tiers, ranging from Acolyte to Transcendent. The rewards from rising in ranks are not yet fully revealed, but we did get a little info. After reaching a certain tier players (known as Maestros in Champions Ascension), will receive a ‘drip’ of Gold tokens, the currency of the game. Also, the player who reaches the highest total experience points will be given the honor of naming the current Era of the game. This will be some sort of seasonal event and will likely continue to be expanded in the future.

When this feature is launched, players will receive retroactive bonuses for their NFTs when first interacting with the Obelisk. Players receive a one-time experience bonus for all the NFT characters in their wallet, with bigger bonuses for Prime Eternals. Length of time the NFTs have been held will also count towards the experience calculation.

Everyone will need to create a new Maestro account after migration. This account can be linked to multiple wallets for those who like to keep their NFTs spread out.

In addition, for those who can’t run the game client will offer a new cloud-streaming, browser-based option for playing. This is time limited however, with only five hours available to each player. Though the team says that they are looking into ways to continue to provide this service in the future.

Champions Ascension Continues to Grow

Even a migration to a new blockchain doesn’t seem to be slowing these guys down. In addition to the in-game mini-games, we have three different types of arena combat, upcoming group PvE content, a dungeon master type experience in development, and the soon to be released Imperium leveling system!
The world of Massina continues to get busier and more complex every month!

To learn more about Champions Ascension, visit their website, join their Discord server, and follow them on Twitter.