Champions Arena Nexus and Estate Sale

Champions Arena Nexus and Estate Sale

In the midst of May Mayhem and their ongoing playtest, Champions Arena brings us their first NFT sale for their game. This sale features Nexus NFTs, which allow owners to rent out their Champions, and Estate NFTs, a sort of guild hall for the game.

Champions Arena kicked off their open beta playtest last week and now bring us a sale for both Nexus and Estate NFTs.

Nexus and Estate NFTs and Sale Info

Players who own a Nexus can attach their Champion NFTs to it. Other players can then access these Champions, with a portion of their victory points earned going back to the Nexus owner. In addition, Nexus bundles also come with a limited edition, Legendary Champion named Veronika, who sports some serious under-boob. She is a crowd control type hero, able to reduce the opposing team’s speed and turn gauge while also protecting herself from attacks.
As an extra bonus, holders of Nexus NFTs will receive additional, airdropped NFTs during any future Nexus sales. But Nexus NFTs comes with a serious price tag. Nearly $2k USD ($1950) to be exact! This seems a bit on the expensive side. Which, unfortunately, is kind of par for the course for projects on the Gala Games ecosystem. And locking the ability to rent out owned NFTs behind a two thousand dollar paywall is very atypical of the current web3 trends. However, with only 300 NFTs available, this is a pretty limited edition. So it could very well sell out.

This is actually a double sale, also featuring Estate NFTs. Estates function as guild halls, holding from 20 to 100 guild members based on its level. Estates contain various facilities players used for summoning and upgrading Champions, as well as crafting gear. Estate owners will able to level these facilities up to higher ranks than the available, free options.

However, this Estate sale is not open to everyone. Only players who purchase a Nexus NFT will have access to purchasing Estates during this sale. Estates will cost $2,000 each. Nexus owners will get to try out Estate management in the current playtest (which runs through May 17th), whether or not they purchase an Estate.

The sale for both items runs for a week, starting at 8pm CST on May 8th, and ending at 8pm CST on May 16th. These NFTs will be available on the Gala Games store once the sale begins. Interested parties can pay with ETH, GALA, or credit card.

What is Champions Arena?

Champions Arena is a turn based, team combat, strategy game. Players field teams of up to four Champions and face off against their opponent. The Champions take turns performing attacks and actions until only one team is left. Players draw a hand of skill cards to start the game and an additional card each turn. Multiple copies of these cards can be combined to create a stronger card, adding an additional layer of strategy to the game.
Champions Arena includes a quest system with daily, weekly, and seasonal quests, a battle pass, idle rewards, passive missions, equipment, Champion summoning and dismantling, a PvP arena, and various other activities!

Champions Arena is part of the Gala Games ecosystem. To learn more about Gala Games and Champions Arena, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.