Heroes of Mavia Beta Launches June 30th

Heroes of Mavia Beta Launches June 30th

Heroes of Mavia announces plans for a new beta to start at the end on June. This beta will run in two phases, building up to an official game launch at the end of the year!

Mavia, a mobile, base-building, PvP game prepares to launch the first phase of their beta at the end of this month (June 2023). Mavia plans to roll out their beta in two phases, with an official, global launch happening soon afterwards!

More about the Beta

These betas will limit players to a maximum Headquarters level of 5, so not all units and buildings will be available.

The first phase will be exclusively for land owners, with only a few being given first access on June 30th. The team will continue to roll out the release to the other landowners during the course of phase 1, which they expect to last two months. You will need to register in Discord and verify land ownership to be eligible for this phase. Unfortunately for those of us who don’t already own lands, they are not cheap — current floor price is nearly $600! But if you’re in the market, you can find plots for sale on Open Sea.

Phase 2 of the beta will open up to a wider audience, including those who do not own any land NFTs. There will be a waitlist signup page, with priority given to community members. Progress from phase 1 will be wiped, and phase 2 should see all of the core game features in place, including alliances and cosmetics and decorations. Phase 2 is expected to run from September 1st through October 31st.

And then, finally, the launch will happen at the end of the year, with a gradual, worldwide rollout of the game. For the global launch, progress will be reset again for the final time.

All phases of beta and launch will be available for both Android and iOS.

the Armory in Heroes of Mavia

What is Heroes of Mavia?

Heroes of Mavia is a mobile, base building, RTS game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players construct and improve bases, and fight with other players to earn RUBY, the main game currency. The game features upgradeable NFTs in the form of Bases, Heroes, and Statues. Bases are the core game component, and each player needs one in order to play. Heroes and Statues are optional, but both provide substantial benefits to your team. Heroes assist your army with attack and defense, while Statues boost base production. Players can upgrade these NFTs by spending RUBY tokens.

The game also includes Gold and Oil resources. These are in-game only and used for certain base upgrades. These resources are produced by bases and can be stolen from other players in raids. There will be some sort of MMR / power rating system to try and keep players matched up to other players of equal strength.

Heroes of Mavia joins the growing stable of games that are incorporating rental mechanics from the very beginning. Base owners can choose to rent out their bases to other players for passive income. This can be a fixed price rental system, or a ‘partnership’. Partnerships function as a built-in scholarship system. The base owner lets the partner run and upgrade their base in exchange for a percentage of the RUBY income.

To learn more about Heroes of Mavia, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.