Litepaper Revealed of The Spider Tanks Economy

Litepaper Revealed of The Spider Tanks Economy.

Litepaper Revealed of The Spider Tanks Economy.

Though it’s been in open beta for a while, and even supplied play to earn events, Spider Tanks stored many of the small print for its play to earn financial system below wraps. Now, with the latest launch of their litepaper, we get a distinct look into their plans for the future of the game.

Spider Tanks is a play to earn, MOBA style game featuring customizable tanks. Each player controls their own tank as they fight across various battle arenas to achieve the game objectives. Though free to play, only players who own or rent NFT Tanks or parts will be able to earn SILK, an ERC-20 token associated with Spider Tanks.

After running an open beta for quite some time and hosting a number of tournaments and special events, Spider Tanks drops the first version of their litepaper. In it, we discover how Spider Tanks plans to run and manage their game economy.

Play to Earn in Spider Tanks

Players earn Victory Points with the aid of taking part in and prevailing matches. The sport calculates Victory Points payout based totally on the rarity of tanks and components used. Each object additionally has an Energy rating. As suits are performed with that item, the Energy decreases, which additionally decreases the quantity earned.

And the cease of every day, gamers are awarded SILK tokens primarily based on their performance. The Victory Points to SILK conversion ratio relies upon on the quantity of Victory Points earned throughout the complete recreation for the day, and the current, circulating SILK supply. As the SILK grant increases, the conversion charge shrinks.

Players can additionally improve their NFT objects to expand the wide variety of Victory Points they earn. To improve items, gamers want to use a special, in-game currency, referred to as Arachnium, as properly as elements from the in-game shop (purchased with Arachnium). Arachnium is obtained with the aid of replacing SILK manually, or by means of having it auto-converted from Victory points.

Now, I’m no longer clearly positive why we want an in-game solely currency. Especially one that’s solely on hand by way of switching from the different recreation currency! The solely purpose I can see is that they favor the capability to modify the conversion fee to manipulate inflation. But isn’t that dealt with already with their diminishing returns plans for SILK production?

Anyway, greater rarity gadgets value greater to upgrade. Upgrading objects additionally affords a stat enhance for the item. Item enhancements max out at stage 30. But no longer all improvements are equal. The stat bonus obtained can vary from Decent to Perfect, with quite a few pleasant degrees in-between. If gamers don’t like the effects from their upgrade, they can pay a rate in SILK to reroll.

For the free to play players, Spider Tanks will provide a Pilot Program. Basically, a condominium device based totally on commission. Tank proprietors set their tanks as on hand to hire and Pilots choose them up to play with. At the beginning, Pilots will be assigned random tanks, although in the future, the crew hopes to have a device the place higher Pilots are awarded higher tanks to rent.


Land Ownership

Land ownership in Spider Tanks comes in two forms — Maps and Planetary Nodes. Map NFTs are already available on the Gala Games store, but Planetary Nodes are a completely new concept to Spider Tanks players. It’s possible that these will run as game nodes, helping to process transactions for Spider Tanks, but it’s hard to say for sure without more information.

We do know that Map owners need to link their Maps to Planetary Nodes. Once linked, the Map goes into the queue for matches. Like tank bodies and items, Maps and Planetary Nodes can also be upgraded. Higher level maps receive more queue slots than lower level ones. When a player’s Map is used for a match, they receive some Victory Points.

Closing Thoughts

It’s always great to learn details about how a play to earn game plans to handle their economy. And though I’m not sold on the need for an extra, in-game only currency that seems to have no reason for existing, everything else in their plans makes sense. The diminishing returns on rewards for heavy use players and as a response to an increasing SILK circulating supply shows that the team understands the perils of token inflation. And having that foundation to start with bodes well for the game’s longevity.