Mint a SkyReign Immortal for Alterverse

Mint a SkyReign Immortal for Alterverse

Alterverse announced plans to mint a new PFP collection known as SkyReign Immortal. This collection will offer numerous benefits to holders, including the ability to own, create, and monetize your very own storefront in Sky City, the central, social hub for the entire Alterverse!

Alterverse prepares to bring a founder-style PFP to the market. This SkyReign Immortal collection will consist of 9,999 NFTs, with 7,999 those available for minting. Of the remaining 2,000 NFTs, 100 go to the team, 50 to advisors, 850 will be set aside for partners, and 1,000 will be used to fill Mystery Boxes.

Players can apply for a whitelist spot by filling out this form, though only 1,000 spots are available. Filling out the form also offers an option for which network you would prefer to use for minting — Polygon, Binance Chain, or Enjin. The team says the results of this survey will determine how many SkyReign Immortal NFTs are available on each network!

The SkyReign Immortal mint starts on the 19th of August for those on the whitelist The whitelist costs is $50 to mint. The pre-mint will be open to the public and will open on the 5th of September, with 2,999 Immortals available at a price point of $99. The final supply of 4,000 goes up for grabs once Sky City reaches open beta (target date is sometime in November of 2023). The Open Beta mint will include 4,000 NFTs, with a price point set to the current floor price at the time.

sample SkyReign Immortal PFPs

Utility for SkyReign Immortals

Alterverse has big plans for SkyReign Immortal NFTs. Not only are these slick looking PFPs that will also function as in-game avatars, but they will offer a chance for landlords to make their mark in Sky City! SkyReign Immortals act as a business license, allowing holders to own property, build a storefront, and even integrate into the game’s ecommerce portal! They will also be able to employ AI assistants in their store to provide entertainment or act as buskers, advertising whatever it is your store has to offer.

Immortals receive first access to all real estate whitelists, which will include storefronts, apartments, and open world plots. Open world plots will incur land taxes to help encourage their use. Immortal holders receive a discount on that land tax as well.

In addition, Immortals receive experience buffs, allowing them to level up faster in-game. They will also have access to private Discord channels and exclusive AMAs.

But not all Immortals are the same. Each one belongs to one of the game factions (Aristocracy, Underworld, and Marauders), which will play a part in a future, faction war, metagame.

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What is AlterVerse?

AlterVerse is a new metaverse in development. With a decentralized, 3D, multiplayer, interconnected, VR-enabled platform, AlterVerse aims to claim a spot in an increasingly crowded field.

Servers for AlterVerse are player owned, with various customizable, pre-built environments and games. AlterVerse automatically adds newly launched game servers to the server list for players to access. At the center of this lies Sky City, a social hub with customizable spaces and storefronts for partnerships. One of those partners Double Protocol, offers an NFT renting system. Not only will Double Protocol own an in-game office, but they will also power the in-game rental market, allowing players to rent out land plots and other items!

Sky City is considered Phase 1 of the AlterVerse. Sky City is a large, sci-fi Social Hub with quests and various mini-games including racing and mech fighting. It also includes a growing number of partner storefronts that players can visit and interact with. Recent new partnerships include Polygon and Katan Inu. Sky City is currently in beta testing.

Phase 2 includes Outpost, a FPS, sci-fi shooter with quests, mining and crafting. Phase 3 brings us Rekt, a hard core survival game set on a hostile planet. Expect to see alphas for both Outpost and Rekt soon.

For more about AlterVerse, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.