Mist Announces Mist Chain

Mist Announces Mist Chain

Mist announces that they are expanding to create their own blockchain, Mist Chain! This blockchain will be fully EVM comaptible, able to run and execute Ethereum smart contracts, and the team promises that migrating apps to their chain will be easy and painless.

Mist Metaverse joins the growing selection of web3 organizations to announce the development of their own chain. Dubbed Mist Chain, this blockchain will be EVM compatible, meaning that dapps and smart contracts can be easily re-deployed from Ethereum without any code changes.

Now of course, the main question people are asking is, ‘Why?’ Mist certainly isn’t the first game company to develop their own sidechain. We’ve already seen Immutable X, Ronin, Gala Games, and Mobox, just to name a few, begin building their own chains. But for the most part, those are already established organizations with an ecosystem of games. Mist just has the one game in development. It would make some sense if you expect a lot of third party development — and maybe they are. But building out developer APIs would probably serve much the same functionality.

Anyway, I’m sure they have considered these factors before launching into this project. The Mist team took extra time to assure their players that the Mist MMO game is the main priority. Mist Chain is more of a side project and won’t distract from the development of Mist the game.

The MIST token will function as the underlying token for Mist Chain.

Mist Chain Testnet

The testnet for Mist Chain is already up and running. You can check out the official guide for information on connecting to the Mist Chain testnet and obtaining free test tokens. Users can try deploying smart contracts and porting apps into the system. Keep an eye out for upcoming rewards and airdrops for those who help test the new chain.

What is Mist?

Mist is a fantasy, action, MMORPG game currently in development. Built on Unity, Mist includes an open world with eight races, eight character classes, quests, raids, and PvP. Featuring action-packed combat, moving, dodging, and jumping all key elements to success when fighting in Mist.

The game has its own token, MIST. This is the main currency for the game, and used for most in-game activities. Players earn MIST tokens by completing quests, selling items, farming, and staking.

In-game equipment can be minted as NFTs, and freely bought, sold, and traded by the players. In addition, players can upgrade NFTs by using multiple copies and MIST tokens. The copies are burned and the player receives a new, upgraded NFT. All game NFTs will be tradable in-game at various auction houses. Players can also transfer them out of game for trade on third party sites.

Mist is currently in alpha testing and free to play. Players without a Character NFT can play an Adventurer class, who is sort of a jack-of-all-trades, master of none type of character. Additionally, all characters have spells they can use if they don’t possess a weapon.

To learn more about Mist and play their alpha, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

screenshot from Mist alpha