Monsterra to Launch a 50k USDT Tournament in Celebration of its First Birthday

Monsterra to Launch a 50k USDT Tournament in Celebration of its First Birthday

The Birthday Tournament, which is set to happen soon, will see players competing in intense clan battles for a share of 50,000 USDT.

About the Monsterra Birthday Tourney

Multi-chain NFT game Monsterra is turning one in August, and the team is planning to celebrate in style with a series of activities, including a special Birthday Tournament.

According to the team, anyone can sign up for the event, which is set to take place very soon. Players are required to join a clan for eligible participation, with each clan having at least 30 members to be eligible. The clan owner is in charge of enrolling for the tournament. Once registered, the players will still belong to that clan whether their accounts are kicked out of the group or not.

Throughout the event, players will team up and conquer the opposing team’s castle while defending their own. Each clan must form two attacking armies (each army can contain up to 7 Mongens), with each army building 1 defensive land using unlocked NFTs.

Every day, the system will match 3 random clans onto the map. If only 1 clan remains, that group will proceed to the next round. If 2 clans remain, they will join a head-to-head compromise.

As shown on the map, there are three main castles for the clans to compete, with smaller surrounding sub-castles acting as strongholds to occupy. Each clan will have its own flag, labeled in red, yellow, and green. The captured castle will hang the flag of the clan that successfully took it over. Each clan will begin by moving away from its main castle and attacking the nearby strongholds to win points.

The scoring system is designed such that the longer you occupy the castles, the more points you receive. Possessing a castle in the belt (outer ring) will grant 5 points per 10 minutes of ownership; a castle in the inner ring (2nd round) will grant 20 points per 10 minutes of ownership; and the center castle will grant 50 points per 10 minutes of ownership.

Above all, there are 50k USDT up for grabs, which will be distributed based on the ratio of damage dealt to the total clan damage. The greater the damage, the bigger the payout. To learn more, check out the official post.