R-Planet Shares Hero Details Ahead of the Ahnang Invasion

R-Planet Shares Hero Details Ahead of the Ahnang Invasion

In R-Planet, players can enjoy the blockchain MMORTS using a free in-game hero, as well as using an NFT one instead that features a higher maximum upgrade level.

The team behind R-Planet has recently shared various Hero details to help players better get to grips with the gameplay of the blockchain MMORTS.

In this military strategy game, there are different types of heroes players can use: in-game and NFT Heroes. The one in-game that everyone gets to start off with is called Drake, who can be used for doing various activities with limited upgradability. With this hero, the abilities can be upgraded to level 50, a maximum that is significantly lower in comparison to NFT Heroes. You can choose to replace the in-game free hero with an NFT one, the latter of which has a maximum upgrade level that is 4 times higher of the free one. By being able to strengthen your NFT Hero all the way to level 200, you have significant advantage in comparison to someone using Drake. According to the post from the developers, the chains currently supported include the WAX network and BNB Chain, so your NFT Hero has to be from one of those 2 blockchains in order to be able to use it in the game, at the time of writing.

In order to actually level up a hero, whichever type, the hero has to earn experience points by completing adventures and doing attack and defense missions. Once the necessary number of XP is reached, the hero levels up, gets their health fully restored, and gains a couple of upgrading points that can be used towards improving various stats, that include the following: Hero’s speed, Hero’s force (attack and defense), Attack of units, Defense of units and Speed of units. Players can further enhance their character using various different items as well.

For more details, you can find the official article linked in the tweet down below.