Play and Earn in Superior Playtest

Play and Earn in Superior Playtest

Superior opens up a two week playtest on Gala Games, bringing players the first opportunity to play and earn, as well as utilize their NFTs!

Superior actually launched an early access version on Steam back in November of 2022. And while they have expanded, updated, and bugfixed their game quite a bit since then, the Steam version was still a basic web2 style game. It didn’t include NFTs or the type of rewards system that we expect with web3 gaming. That all changes with a two week playtest that started on May 15th and runs through May 30th!

This playtest will be via the Gala Games launcher. This connects players to the game via the blockchain, and lets them use their NFTs when playing. But you won’t need an NFT to play. Anyone with a Gala Games account can join in on the fun!

There will be a leaderboard competition from May 22nd though May 29th. The top 50 players receive an Uncommon Murmur or Nomad character, while the top 25% of the players receive a new, NFT backpack!

win this backpack by playing Superior!
Download Superior and start playing now for your chance to win!

The Future of Superior

Both the web3 and web3 versions will be able to play in the same games together. But, when Superior moves onto the GYRI network (AKA the Gala Games blockchain), there will a number of benefits to playing the web3 version.

First off, there will be Challenge Rewards. Players will sometimes find Golden Challenge Keys. These Keys provide access to a special, fixed-seed, map run. Players use their Keys to join the run and compete for top spots on the leaderboard. Players earn points based on kills and the amount of time it took to complete the level. This will be a weekly event, with the top 25% of the players on the leaderboard earning points, which can then be redeemed for GALA tokens based on the size of a reward pool.

Also arriving soon is loot-based character customization. Players can find loot during runs and equip them, or even mint them as NFTs. And since Superior will run in seasons, many of these cosmetics will be available for one season only!

a few new weapons on the way

What is Superior?

Superior is a co-op FPS / RPG that see players hunting down mutated superheroes and taking powers from defeated enemies to grow stronger. The game is a mission-based, cooperative, PvE experience with an evolving storyline. Missions are dynamically generated to provide varying experiences. As players progress through the missions, then have chances to upgrade their weapons and acquire various powers to help them in their quest. The farther they get, the more powerful they become, but at the same time, the challenges increase in difficulty.
When all players in a group die during a mission, the story ends, and their progress is reset. However, they do get to keep any experience acquired along the way, and use that for permanent boosts to their Characters. Players can also earn extra experience through ‘Gigs’, or daily quests. These are basic things such as kill a number of enemies, or repair a certain amount of armor.

Each Character has their own skill tree and players have a number of customizations to choose from, both when starting a mission, and when leveling up. At the start of a new story, players get to pick an initial power for that game. This, coupled with varying weapons and a number of skill options makes for a pretty wide starting base. And since each Character also customizes further as they progress through the story, Superior can be a different playthrough each time.

Superior features Weapon and Character NFTs. The game offers free Characters to play, though players who use a NFT character level up more quickly. Characters’ level caps are based on their rarity, but the caps can be raised via an ‘Infamy system’. Character NFTs keep their Infamy score, even when changing hands.

To learn more about Superior, visit their game page, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord.