Rise City

Rise City Rug pull

RiseCity is a passive game in which you will not have to do anything other than claim once you have the buildings.

Rise City Rug pull

At first your priority will be to build them, for this you will need materials that will appear on the map every day.
A total of 18 materials you can purchase per day, 6 of each: wood, iron and stone. When you have the houses ready you can inhabit them with villagers to increase their productivity.
The reward will be associated with an oracle tool from the first moment. This means that the earnings will be fixed in dollars ? which will ensure a long life for RiseCity.


RiseCity is a passive income game where you don’t have to do almost anything, except get paid for your buildings made with materials collected in the game.

There are 18 materials to buy, such as wood, stone and iron. Once everything is ready, you put the citizens of your virtual city to work and start getting paid for it.

The game has the RSC token, which is already on sale and can be obtained from PancakeSwap.

At its launch, the $RSC Token surpassed 85% in value, according to data from PooCoin .

$RSC has a market value of over $770 million, with 23,750,000 units of the token currently circulating on the network.

Create your city in Rise City!

This game is a newly released novelty, with graphics and gameplay that are very reminiscent of the classic style of the famous SIM City. Rise City hits the blockchain games market with a passive play-to-earn model that practically plays itself!

Now you can earn money by charging for the services of your hotel or shop in your own virtual city.

Just create one of the various types of construction in the game with the materials you receive daily in adventures and other quests in Rise City.

In Rise City you can earn money with just a few clicks a day

Rise City has an oracle system, which means that pay is based on the dollar.

This system can contribute to the establishment of a long and healthy economy in the game.

You can collect iron, stone or wood on the map every day. You can use them to build new buildings, upgrade the ones you already have or trade them on the market.

With just a few clicks the rewards start to arrive and your winnings can be big!

Rise City debuts with powerful partnerships.

The game works on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, and this makes transactions very low cost. The game also has an internal currency for which you will not pay fees for operations made with it, in the words of the developer.

In addition to Binance, the game’s official page features renowned partners such as Coin Market Cap and Coin to Fish. However, the developer claims that the person responsible for its operation at the beginning of the project was just one person, who programs, designs, disseminates and does all the work to keep everything going.

As with any online platform, you have to be careful with scams and fraud, always check your data, addresses of the websites and apps you use.

Now just press play, link your Meta Mask digital wallet and put your own city to work for you.

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