Star Atlas Game On Solana Chain Records 46.8 Million Transactions Since Launch Of Escape Velocity

Star Atlas Game On Solana Chain Records 46.8 Million Transactions Since Launch Of Escape Velocity

With over 46.8 million transactions recorded to date, the game reached a new milestone on June 18 with 2.093 million transactions in a single day, accounting for approximately 8.3% of all transactions on the Solana chain that day. This success has positioned Escape Velocity as a robust and flexible testing ground for the upcoming Star Atlas: Golden Era (SAGE) version, while maintaining a steady daily active user base.
Since its launch, Star Atlas has experienced significant growth in transaction volume on the Solana chain. The number of transactions has surpassed 46.8 million, indicating the game’s increasing popularity and engagement among players. On June 18, a new record was set with 2.093 million transactions in a single day, highlighting the game’s strong momentum and the community’s enthusiasm for its gameplay.

Escape Velocity, a full-chain mini-game within Star Atlas, is akin to a treasure hunting experience. It serves as a testbed for the forthcoming Star Atlas: Golden Era (SAGE) version, assessing its robustness and flexibility. With daily active users (DAU) consistently ranging from 1,000 to 1,500, Escape Velocity has proven its ability to captivate and retain a dedicated player base, demonstrating the game’s potential for long-term success.

Despite facing a financial setback due to the bankruptcy of FTX, Star Atlas has shown resilience in its operations. While the exact amount of funds lost remains undisclosed, the game has rebounded impressively, attracting a substantial number of transactions and maintaining its position as a leading Solana chain game. This resilience highlights the team’s determination to overcome challenges and continue providing an immersive gaming experience to its users.

Star Atlas, the Solana chain game, has achieved remarkable success since the launch of Escape Velocity. With a record-breaking number of transactions and a loyal player base, the game continues to thrive and pave the way for its highly anticipated Star Atlas: Golden Era version. Despite encountering financial difficulties, the team’s perseverance and the community’s support have propelled Star Atlas to new heights in the world of blockchain gaming.

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