Play and Earn with Escape Velocity from Star Atlas

Play and Earn with Escape Velocity from Star Atlas

Star Atlas unveils a new play and earn mini-game / test event called Escape Velocity. This game sees players moving around a grid map, searching for treasures which can include everything from basic resources up to a legendary ship!

A new play and earn event comes to Star Atlas with a game called Escape Velocity.

In order to participate in this test event, players must lockup 1000 ATLAS tokens (current cost ~$3) to spawn a ship. These tokens are fully refundable when the player chooses to despawn their ship.

Escape Velocity screenshot

Escape Velocity

In Escape Velocity, players move ships around a grid map and scan for treasures. Each grid point represents a star system and also equates to a cartesian coordinate on the Solana blockchain. Some squares hold star systems, but this is just a graphical effect at the moment — it has no effect on gameplay.
Star Atlas says that treasures spawn randomly and stay until found. The exact spawning mechanism is secret, though supposedly the number of players and the amount of game activity can effect the spawn rate.

Warping and Scanning both have a separate, 30 second cooldown. And though it’s fun to find things, the actual gameplay becomes tedious pretty quickly. Especially since every warp and scan requires a wallet transaction. I can see this game being filled with bots very quickly. In fact, it seems kind of perfectly suited for automation!

But the potential to score some nice NFT loot, including Stake Claims and even a Fimbul BYOS Tankship (a Legendary ship that would cost $97,500 USD if you wanted to buy it!) is sure to draw in plenty of players.

This demo is a pretty cool way to showcase your tech, get players involved, and also reward them with game resources. You can join and play now at

potential loot that can be found in Escape Velocity

Gather Resources with Claim Stakes

Aside from playing Escape Velocity, Star Atlas players can also accumulate resources with Claim Stakes. Eventually, Claim Stakes will need to actually be placed on land areas in-game, but for now, owners can stake them on the Star Atlas website and receive a passive income of food, ammunition, fuel, and toolkits.
Players can purchase common level Claim Stakes for as low as $30 USD, but the price goes up quite quickly for higher rarities.

This is the second passive staking phase for Star Atlas. They also allow ship owners to earn ATLAS tokens by pledging their ships to support one of the three main factions.

What is Star Atlas?

The year is 2620. Three factions, MUD, ONI, and USTUR, exist in an uneasy truce across the galaxy. Players explore unknown systems, delve into rocks and earth to acquire resources to build, expand, and conquer! Will you be a fighter, testing your mettle in the arena games? Or an explorer in the depths of space, far beyond the reach of any help? Perhaps a shipwright, creating objects of beauty and technological prowess? Maybe you have bolder ambitions, ones of control and rulership? Well all of these roles and more are open to you in Star Atlas, the space MMO currently in development on the Solana blockchain.

Star Atlas aims to build a galactic, space opera MMO where players control the markets and dictate the ebb and flow of goods and products. The rise or fall of various factions will happen because of player actions, not a directed script.

Along with this comes the expected space exploration and combat, and also land ownership, player governance, and graphic novels. Land owners can build a variety of structures, which allow for mining, production and research. Land plots are taxed to encourage players to use the land rather than sitting on it.

To learn more about Star Atlas, Visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.