More May Mayhem from Gala Games

More May Mayhem from Gala Games

Spider Tanks isn’t the only game holding a special event for May Mayhem. In fact, pretty much every game in the Gala Games portfolio has an event or special announcement this month. And best of all, almost all of these games are accessible to anyone with a Gala Games account!

We already covered the play and earn opportunities for Spider Tanks this month. So let’s take a look at some of the other offerings from Gala Games in May!

May Mayhem

Town Star relaunches their game on a new game engine called Godot. They will also be adding new content and holding weekly competitions throughout the month. Players can earn rewards by playing in May, with larger rewards for those who place at the top of the competitions.
Champions Arena has an ongoing playtest that extends into May. They have also said to expect the first ever Champions Arena NFT sale sometime this month.

GRIT, an FPS with a western theme plans to open up on a 24/7 basis for everyone with a Gala Games account. This is a huge leap forward for a game that until now, has only been open for a couple of hours a week.


Echoes of Empire just closed their five day playtest, but the team has hinted that there will be some ‘extra special excitement’ in May for EoE. Hopefully it will be a new playtest or beta announcement rather than another sale!

Mirandus will bring us another playtest in May with more goblin killing, and a huge bounty for whoever gets the first kill on their new Boss creature.

Superior should open up as free to play for everyone in May. And Legends Reborn which is already in an open playtest, promises to bring special competitions for venue owners in the coming

Gala Games also mentions two mobile games that should connect to the web3 world soon – Meow Match and Dragon Strike. These both came from their acquisition of the mobile developer Ember Entertainment earlier this year.

Also keep your eyes open for further news from Walking Dead: Empires, VOX, and Last Expedition!

What is Gala Games?

Gala Games is a rapidly growing web3 ecosystem. In addition to their stable of web3 games, Gala Games has expanded into mobile gaming as well. They have also launched projects for distributing Music and Film as NFTs!
Gala Games is building their own blockchain known as GYRI, on which all of their apps and games will live in the future.

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