Uldor Launches Major Update to the Dread Arena

Uldor Launches Major Update to the Dread Arena

A new update arrives in Uldor’s fantasy, arena survival game, Dread Arena. This patch brings major improvements to the game including updated visuals and sounds, new characters, improved combat controls, and more!

Combat in the Dread Arena just got a little more exciting! Now players have a selection of four characters to choose from when entering the Dread Arena. Each character has their own weapons and attack stances, providing a variety of options for players to try.

In addition, using special abilities becomes a bit easier as special abilities will no longer use Stamina and their cooldowns are reduced by 50%! Stamina use for attacking and sprinting has been readjusted to take into account these changes. Returning players may also notice that the enemy waves in the Dread Arena now have a fewer foes. This is true, but they have also been given a slight strength adjustment as well. And they may be a bit smarter as well. So they won’t fall quite as easily as before!

This update also brings a major visual upgrade. Pretty much everything has been updated — environment, lighting, crowd, even a new fog effect, adding an extra spooky feeling to the Dread Arena!

Players now also have some additional options for adjusting sounds and graphics, as well as the using a Playstation controller to play. Future updates planned for the Dread Arena include a leaderboard, co-op mode, and more content.

The Dread Arena is open to everyone. No NFTs required! You can download and launch the game via the Elixir Game Launcher.

the Dread Arena

What is Dread Arena?

Dread Arena is an arena, survival game set in the fantasy world of Uldor. Players must fight for survival against ever growing hordes of undead soldiers from the Dread King. Those who can survive the longest will receive glory, and in the future, potential rewards as well.

The Dread Arena is meant to serve as both a testing ground for tech that will be used in the game, and a way to let players get a preview of a small slice of Uldor, a planned MMO style game. The Dread Arena is set in the world of Uldor.

can you survive the Dread Arena?

What is Uldor?

Uldor is a web3-enabled MMORPG in development. The game will be free to play in an open world. It features large-scale PvP battles in faction zones as well as an Arena for more intimate matches. Built in the Unreal engine, Uldor is set in a world ruled by one empire, but broken into three rival factions — known as Zetan, Karg, And Kilan. With the world in turmoil, foes rising from the dead, and ancient beasts returning to plague the lands, players will have plenty of opportunity for glory and excitement!
Players explore the world, fight enemies, complete quests, and embark on epic adventures. Uldor will include crafting as well.

Players who own Guardian or Furie NFTs will have no need to level up in-game, and will also receive access to special quests, adventures and boss fights not available to other players. Both Guardians and Furies are still available for minting on the official website. But any new mints are considered Generation 2, and won’t have as many benefits as older mints.

To learn more about Uldor visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.