Champions Ascension Launches Free-for-All Vault of Carnage Mode

Champions Ascension Launches Free-for-All Vault of Carnage Mode

Vault of Carnage is a new free-for-all game mode where 15 Champions Ascension players fight to collect tickets used for redeeming various rewards.

The Champions Ascension team has officially updated their pre-alpha version of their third-person blockchain fighting game with a new free-for-all mode called Vault of Carnage.

In this new game mode, 15 players get to battle it out to get as many tickets as they can. These tickets, alongside special power-ups, can be found scattered throughout the map. If someone gets to a ticket before you, you can kill them and get not only the tickets they grabbed, but 5 extra tickets too. These tickets can be redeemed at the Ticket Vault found in the middle of the map. The more tickets you hold, however, the slower you move, so good luck making it to the Ticket Vault in one piece. If you die, you turn into a ghost, who is not just merely a spectator, but still an active player that can, instead of directly attacking others, place traps throughout the map that will stun prey for a few seconds as well as deal a bit of damage. Certainly a great way to annoy whoever last murdered you, but do keep in mind that ghosts can only place 1 trap at a time, so if you decide to place a new one somewhere else, the last one you placed gets removed.

There are a couple of different power-ups included, such as one that increases you ticket pickup range, as well as one that adds a knockdown effect to each of your attacks, among others. You can only have one power-up at the same time, so the one you pick up during a match stays with you until you grab another one.

An hour-long playtest in partnership with Fractal was recently held for this new game mode. Don’t worry though, as there’s likely to be more playtests coming up featuring this new mode that you’ll be able to play for free without needing a crypto wallet. In the meantime, you can see a bit of gameplay in the video embedded in the Twitter thread down below, with the thread also containing a link to download the game.