Claim Your Free Wildcard Wildfile

Claim Your Free Wildcard Wildfile

The time has come to claim your free Wildfile, a soulbound NFT that tracks and records your participation in the Wildcard universe! Wildfiles are free, and currently only available to holders of Wildpass NFTs. But, they will become available to everyone in the near future.

The era of soulbound tokens is upon us! In addition to MetalCore’s upcoming Chibi mint, we now have an opportunity to mint a Wildfile. Wildfiles will function as an ongoing pass and player tracker for Wildcard, a new game in development that is part deck-building, part auto-battler, and part action game!

a sample Wildfile

More about WildFiles

To claim your own personal Wildfile, you will need to link you wallet and Discord to the site. Then you generate a special link through Discord, and then use that link to verify your wallet. After that you can claim your Wildfile. Luckily, all of this is completely free of charge and only takes a couple of minutes. You don’t even have to pay any gas fees! You can visit to begin the process.

At the moment, Wildfiles are only available to holders of WildPasses, though they plan to open it up to everyone in the future. There is a limit of one Wildfile per wallet.

We don’t have any real details yet on what sort of things will be tracked and what the value in holding a Wildfile will be, but this idea of using a soulbound token to track player participation is growing in popularity in web3 gaming! And with links to both your crypto wallet and to Discord, the Wildfile provides a central place to track game-related activity, and social activity. It’s likely that these soulbound NFTs will also be used to provide rewards to the most engaged gamers. That could include whitelist access for future mints, early access to new game builds, or even airdrop rewards!

Whatever the case may be, Wildfiles are free, so if you plan on having any sort of engagement with Wildcard, you will want to pick one of these up!

If you don’t already own a Wildpass, you can pick them up from Magic Eden for under 200 MATIC tokens. Or you can just wait until Wildfiles are available to everyone.

Wildcard Wildpasses

What is Wildcard?

Wildcard is a PvP, esport game. Gameplay revolves around building a deck of cards, then using those in a real-time arena to summon allies as you team tries to destroy your opponent’s goal. Players must actively play their Champion in-game, while also utilizing their cards to best effect.

Summons come in a variety of types, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and skill set. Managing your Summons effectively while also utilizing your Champion in the game will require some skill!

Wildcard has been holding alpha playtests on a semi-regular basis, open to those holding Wildpasses.

To learn more about Wildcard, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.