Excavate for Relics in Mocaverse Cosmic Hunt

Excavate for Relics in Mocaverse Cosmic Hunt

A new game has arrived in the Mocaverse, one that includes a ‘Cosmic’ treasure hunt for Relics which contain prizes, including rare NFTs! Participation is free, but you will need to own a Moca NFT who has accumulated some experience points.

A new mini-game for Moca holders comes to the Mocaverse! Known as the Cosmic Hunt, this game allows Moca holders to use their NFT’s experience points to purchase tools and search for prizes.

To participate, players must own one or more Moca NFTs. Mocas are PFP style NFTs for Animoca Brands. They offer ongoing perks and event opportunities for holders, especially those who hold onto their NFTs for a long time. Mocas earn passive experience points simply by not being traded or put up for sale. Moca owners can also earn experience points for their NFTs through various events and competitions.

The Cosmic Treasure Hunt

The Cosmic Hunt

For the Mocaverse Cosmic Hunt, each Moca may equip up to three tools, with the best tools reserved for Mocas with lots of experience points. Each tool comes with a limited number of uses, and can only find Relics of its tier or lower

Players click a spot on the map, choose a Moca to excavate, and then wait for the results. This requires a signature transaction in your wallet, but there is no gas fee involved. Various items may be found in the game plots. These include batteries, special rewards, relics (in three tiers), or clues to the potential location of relics in nearby plots.

When a player finds a relic, then they can choose to claim it with another transaction (no gas fee). However, each Moca can only find one Relic. And when a Moca claims a relic, their tool is destroyed. So, if your goal is to find a top tier item, you may consider leaving a lower tier Relic behind. However, if another player finds the relic you left, they can claim it for their own!

Relics can contain such goodies as MAYC or other NFTs, Token Packs, Moca XP Boosters, and Treasure Boxes! The contents of Relics won’t be revealed until after the Hunt ends, and they will open automatically. Players will need to sign a message to retrieve any NFT rewards, but again, there will be no gas fee for it.

The Mocaverse team plans to make this a seasonal event, and any Moca who did not retrieve a relic and still has an active tool with charges left, will have that tool carry over with them to the next season.

If you own a Moca you can pick up some tools and start excavating. Otherwise the current floor price is 0.55 ETH.

What is the Mocaverse?

The Mocaverse is a web3 ecosystem made up of all the developers and companies that are under Animoca Brands or in which Animoca Brands has invested. Which is quite a large portfolio! The Mocaverse is centered around Moca NFTs, a limited, PFP style collection that will offer lifetime rewards to their holders.

Animoca Brands has quickly grown into one of the largest players in the web3 gaming scene. They have a number of direct subsidiaries, such as The Sandbox, Darewise, and Blowfish Studios. The portfolio features many well known games including Benji Bananas, Life Beyond, REVV Racing, and Phantom Galaxies.They have also invested in Open Sea, Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, and many, many more projects!