Get Ready to Nurture Your Upland Totems

Get Ready to Nurture Your Upland Totems

A new phase is coming to Upland with the addition of Totems, a living game asset that requires nurture and care to grow and produce rewards. A game within a game, Upland Totems bring something new to this gameified world of property ownership!

Upland Totems are the first stage of a life simulation feature that Upland is bringing to their game. Basically, Totems are living game assets that can be placed on the map. This initial phase will feature 11 different Totems, distributed over five chapters. There will be 5,555 Totems in all, with the Palm Tree and the Dragonfly being released first.

Players acquire Totems through Mystery Passes. Mystery Passes will go on sale at different points in the Upland Store. Interested players will need to register before the sale starts to be eligible for a purchase.

Registration fir the first sale opens on August 2nd. You can check the official Totems page for updates.

Nurturing Totems

Each Totem possesses 5 visual traits, with each trait representing a Totem attribute. These traits — Life Form, Style, Color, Scale, and Totem Base — have multiple variations, resulting in each totem being truly unique in its combination of traits. Traits also influence the totem’s appearance, characteristics, and Protem rewards.

The primary currency for the totem system is Stem, but, until that is officially released, players will instead use substitute currency known as Protem. Players will need to feed and nourish their Totems with these currencies. Each Totem needs attention for a 30 day cycle. And the end of the cycle, the player receives rewards of Protem based on how well they did at taking care of their Totems. And it’s not always about spending the most. It’s possible to ‘overfeed’ Totems, and some prefer to be fed at specific intervals, making this a kind of farming mini-game within the Upland world.

Players will receive an initial supply of Protem when they activate their Totem(s) to help them get started.

There is some complexity to this system. Upland has created an official Totem Guide if you’re interested in reading more of the details.

More About Upland?

Upland is a free to play, property trading and city-building game on the WAX blockchain where players can explore cities, collect properties and meet other players. The play-to-earn game is available on Android, iOS, and the Web.

Players earn passive UPX, the game currency, just by owning properties. They also receive income anytime another player “sends” themselves to an owned property. In addition, players can complete Collections in-game by owning specific properties (five properties in the same city, for example). These provide a one-time UPX payout and then a passive boost to UPX earning as long as you maintain that Collection. Players can also buy UPX tokens directly from Upland.

In addition there are various events, competitions, treasure hunts, and other activities where players can earn UPX as well.

Upland has expanded greatly over time, now encompassing more than a dozen cities. They have introduced plot customization, allowing players to construct buildings and decorate their properties in a number of different ways. Players can also own shops, selling their own, customized Block Explorers in-game!