MoDragon Adventures

Mobox Introduces New MoDragon Adventures

Mobox opens up a series of new, MoDragon-related events for the month of June, building up toward their eventual release of Dragonverse, an enchanted land full of adventure and wonder for all Dragon owners!

Mobox hasn’t waited long to introduce the next phase of their MoDragon adventure! Starting on June 29th, MoDragon owners will be able to engage in several new acitivities. This event, dubbed ‘Unleash the Magic’ features three MoDragon related activities — Expeditions, Soul Awakening, and Dragon Taming.

Dragon Expedition is a quest style system that opens on June 29th and runs for four weeks. Expeditions have difficulty levels, with some requiring specific attributes or multiple Dragons. Dragons can only join one Expedition at a time. Dragons on Expeditions can still engage in other Dragon activities, but cannot listed, sold, traded, or burned. Doing so will forfeit any rewards. Expedition options refresh every 24 hours and players earn MoDragon Soul by completing Expeditions.

These Souls are used at the Dragon Soul Altar to receive blessings of the Dragon God. The altar opens on June 29th and will also be open for four weeks. In addition to Expeditions, players also earn Soul for Dragon purchases, breedings, upgrades, evolutions — pretty much any MoDragon related activity. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of what these blessings are good for, but presumably it’s worth something!

Dragon Taming is open for the same time period as the other two events, and rewards players with weekly airdrops based on the number of Dragon Taming points they have accumulated. Players earn Dragon Taming points by purchasing, breeding, upgrading, and ascending their MoDragons. Higher rarity Dragons earn more points.

This is all building up to Dragonverse, a game realm with all the MoDragon features plus opportunities to adventure and battle with your dragons.

What are MoDragons?

MoDragons are a recently released NFT collection from Mobox on the Arbitrum chain. Players collect and breed these Dragons to try to secure their spot at the top of the collection leaderboard. MoDragons have both a daily leaderboard and a weekly ‘talent’ ranking. Players gain points on the talent leaderboard by upgrading and enhancing their Dragons.

Each Dragon can breed up to 7 times, though Legendary Dragons refuse to breed at all! Also, when matching Dragons for breeding, they must be within two tiers of each other. And unlike some breeding features in other games, MoDragons doesn’t allow parents to breed with their offspring, or for siblings to breed together.

The total collection power, or DragonMo Power, also factors into what Mobox is calling pre-mining. This allows the player to passively earn dragon stones that come in five different varieties. These will have some use in future expansions to the MoDragon system.

And finally, MoDragons also generate tickets for the Elemental Carnival. Players use this tickets on a spinning wheel to win prizes such as MBOX tokens and Dragon Eggs!

If you want to get started with your MoDragon collection, you can pick them up from the official game market for under 0.1 ETH.

a few MoDragons on the market

What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is a gaming platform running on the multiple chains that includes some decentralized finance elements. Though it began as a defi system, the gaming side of MOBOX has quickly grown. The site offers several games with play to earn elements, and have also built an expanding virtual world called MOMOverse.

Though obviously designed with mobile platforms in mind, the games can be played on desktop as well. They are all very casual, with rewards given to the top players. Most of the games provide opportunities for quicker advancement by spending MBOX tokens.

At the center of Mobox are Momos, NFT creatures that passively work in the mines to produce MBOX tokens and resources for use in the MOMOverse. Some of the games also use the Momos.

With a suite of mobile-friendly games, and a growing virtual world ecosystem, MOBOX seems to have a solid foundation which they continue to build on. To learn more about Mobox, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.