Monsterra Unwraps New In-game Features

Monsterra Unwraps New In-game Features

There are two game modes in Arena namely MSTR Betting and Leader Mode.

Popular free-to-play and multi-chain NFT game, Monsterra has unveiled some newly added features resulting from its just concluded developmental activities. The team has built fresh new mechanisms, additional components, and exciting accessories to provide players with an immersive environment. This update is accompanied by a special Arena launching event. Interestingly, the Arena mode has finally gotten approval on the iOS platform.

Players can engage in a new game mode called Arena. Prior to this game mode, there are other game modes including Adventure, Boss Challenge, and Battlefront. The new update also features New Rune Word and Quick training systems. The team also painstakingly revamped the Event Interface to be more accessible for players. Initially, Monsterra can only be accessed through an Apple ID, Gmail account, or Facebook account. There is now a new feature that allows players to “Play as a Guest.” The new season with 25 Legendary Mongens would allow players to fuse their characters.

Game Mode in Monsterra Arena

Monsterra’s recent update will be available by May 26, 2023, at 07:00 UTC. There are two game modes in Arena: MSTR Betting and Leaderboard Mode. MSTR Betting allows players to bet in MSTR all around the clock. The MSTR token is an entry fee needed to challenge other game participants. Winners from the challenges get 85% of the total MSTR bet from losers. The system and Arena Pass prize pool will get 5% and 10% respectively. The ELO score, a ranking system for the leaderboard remains unchanged.
The Leaderboard mode opens only twice per day — 1st session (06:00 to 10:00 UTC) and the 2nd session (13:00 to 17:00 UTC). The entry fee for this mode is completely free. If a player wins or loses they will receive or be debited a corresponding ELO. The team upgraded the Mongen’s stat thereby reading more battle wins for players.