Pixelynx Mint for mau5trap NFTs

Pixelynx Mint for mau5trap NFTs

Music and NFTs are still trying to find ways to merge gracefully, with varied success. Pixelynx, another contender in the web3 music scene, brings us a mint for mau5trap NFTs. These NFTs will hold unique, musical content, provide holders with ongoing airdrops, and allow holders to create and monetize music tracks with the help of an AI assistant!

Let’s start with the basics. The mint for these mau5trap NFTs is happening in three stages. Public mint on June 7th. Priority allowlist for those who hold Droplet NFTs or are considered Community OGs will happen on June 6th. And for those who land on the pre-mint list (through giveaways and competitions), the mint window opens on June 5th. The start time is 1pm PST on all three days. Mint cost is $99 worth of MATIC (the native token of the Polygon blockchain). Only 1000 copies of this NFT will be minted. Once opened, minting for all three stages will be available at https://drops.korus.co/

You can join the wait list for this mint on the Pixelynx website. And, as usual, keep an eye the Pixelynx Twitter feed and join their Discord for opportunities to earn or win a whitelist spot. Also check your favorite NFT communities for potential partnership giveaways (I know there are whitelist spots available through for Mocaverse)

mau5trapDNA NFT

What is a mau5trap NFT??

A special collaboration between Pixelynx and the mau5trap music label, this upcoming mint is for a digital collectible called a ‘Codex’. Each Codex will contain musical content and also open up future airdrops. Part of the content and airdrops will be exclusive, music stems, to use with the Korus AI, and artist ‘DNA”, which will apparently also provide some sort of unique customization or tweaking of Korus.
The music stems come in Cartridges, and are associated with a specific artist. The three artists included with this release are Lamorn, SpeakerHoney, and Volaris. Cartridges come in five rarities, with rarer Cartridges providing more music stems to use.

mau5trap promises ongoing, weekly airdrops including exclusive tracks, lyrics, videos, digital cosmetics, and digital stickers and posters. These NFTs may also provide VIP access to community events and special merchandise deals.

Players can not only create musical tracks using these stems, but in the future they will also be able to publish and monetize them as well. Even those using stems associated with the mau5trap label artists!

mau5trap NFT inforgraphics

What is Korus?

Pixelynx brings music and AI together with Korus. Korus is an app that allows users to set music samples, or stems, for different tracks. Then, once they have the stems selected, they pass control over to Korus, an AI helper who puts together an original track based on those musical stems!
To learn more about Pixelynx and Korus, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.