Phantom Galaxies Opens Phase 2 of Beta 2

Phantom Galaxies Opens Phase 2 of Beta 2

Following up on their very successful series of Alpha playtests, Phantom Galaxies opened up their first Beta Phase a little over a month ago to a very small set of their players. Now, after a few weeks of testing, they are ready to expand this phase to include a larger playerbase, though you still need to own an NFT to participate.

Getting access to Phase of Beta 2 for Phantom Galaxies requires owning one of several NFTs. Anyone who holds a ‘Planet Genesis Mintpass’, a ‘The Hopeful’ NFT, or a ‘Zorran’s Favour’ NFT should now have access to the beta. Players can download the game and retrieve their beta codes on the Phantom Galaxies website.

Unlike the alpha, this testing phase doesn’t include any promised rewards. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team hands out a badge or some other sort of proof of participation item. But even without rewards, the game is actually fun to play!

What’s New in Beta 2?

This beta brings a number of new features to this space-based, mech-combat, starship-piloting, RPG. Starfighters have seen an overhaul across the board with new abilities and updated visuals. We also have a new game system around Heat management when piloting a starship. As players maneuver and fight, their ship begins to heat up. Overheat, and the ship is destroyed. Players will need to keep an eye on their Heat levels during combat missions and know when to back off and cool down before re-engaging!

This beta phase starts everyone fresh from the beginning again. And though there are some changes, it’s a familiar experience for anyone who played in the alpha test. For those new to Phantom Galaxies, the game is very user friendly. The story-based plotline walks you through learning different parts of the game through a series of quests as it builds up the danger and adds more options for the players.

And for those are looking for a social scene, it is now possible to meet up with other players on Halberd-001, the starting space station. The first multiplayer hub in the game has already seen some activity. Hopefully this feature will continue to grow into an active hangout scene for the Phantom Galaxies playerbase.

No, you’re the best!

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is story-based, FPS, RPG set in a future of space travel and planet colonization. Players follow the storyline quests, fight pirates, and upgrade their character and starships along the way. The game features high-quality graphics and features starship piloting and fighting, as well as walkable, 3D space stations where most of the NPC interactions occur.

Players will own their own Starfighters in the form on NFTs. Other equipment and fusion NFTs will be used to upgrade the fighters.

The game will also include many other features. This includes arena PvP, PvE raids, planet ownership, player crafting, and even potential permanent loss of Starfighter NFTs!

To learn more about Phantom Galaxies, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.