Satoshi Monsters

Satashi Monsters(SSM) was born that way, It all starts in the world of NewHera

Satoshi Monsters $SSM token. We grew up playing Defense games, with that in mind we wanted to create something with incredible gameplay and add the powerful Blockchain technology.

Satashi Monsters(SSM) was born that way, It all starts in the world of NewHera, a fantastic world with species that lived in harmony. As time went by, magical creatures began to appear and upset the planet’s balance, forcing more and more residents to live in villages or closed kingdoms. Your job is to prevent the arrival of enemy hours at different points on the map, for that you have more than 100 types of towers and different abilities.

Satoshi Monsters

We, as a team, grew up playing defense games. With that in mind, we had a desire to create something with that style of gameplay and add a powerful blockchain technology.
Satoshi Monsters (SSM) was born that way.
The game itself starts in a world named NewHera. A world where species used to leave in harmony. As time went by, some magical creatures began to appear and upset the planet’s balance, forcing the residents to run away and live in closed kingdoms. Your job, as a player, is to prevent the arrival of those enemies. You can count on more than 100 types of towers to help you out in that mission.

Get your towers and help us. You will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies whenever you manage to defeat a horde of monsters.


The Goal

NewEra is split into more than 150 villages. Whenever a horde sees a village they proceed to attack it. You have to defend your kingdom’s villages and destroy the hordes before they can do any damage.

How to Play

Satoshi Monsters is divided into multiple game modes. At moment we only have one of them available. It’s called “Farm Mode”.
To play this mode, your first step is to acquire a team of towers. They can be bought via the marketplace. After that you have to control their energy, placing them at rest or playing them at the field, in order to optimize their strength.

One of the other games will have different gameplay.
At the beginning of the game, you will get to choose one type of element and three towers of that type. Each element changes a lot in gameplay and how you need to play with your towers in order to optimize them, over time you will be able to equip up to eight types of towers in your deck.
This mode will have a big strategy factor with little luck influence.



Winning is great, winning cryptocurrencies is even better!

Of all systems in the game, the one we allocated the highest amount of time was the development user’s rewards.

Our rewards are based on the liquidity of our SSM token since all purchased towers generate 90% liquidity for the ecosystem, the more users the game gets, the greater the gains.

You can have access to the token in advance, it’s always good to remember that tokens from this category of games reached more than 1000% valorization after the game’s release.



Idle Game
Farm mode has unique gameplay that combines the traditional tower defense rules with idle. With that in mind, we created a game that required little user interaction but a high yield. Each map is composed of a horde of minions that can vary in number and strenght (based on the number of towers you own).

Farm is powered by SSM with various tools to improve performance.

How To Play

To join the game is necessary to acquire towers. You can have the number of towers you want, but you are only allowed to place 15 towers on the map at the same time.
Whenever you enter a map you are placed in a land. The number of monsters that appear and their strength are calculated based on the number of towers you have in play. You need to COMPLETLY destroy the horde of monsters to get the reward. A small % of that reward is given to the land’s owner.
To create a balance between investment and rewards, we created a system where the number of monsters and their strength increases as the number of towers you have in play goes higher. Since the rewards are based on the number of monsters and their strength, your rewards get higher as well. With that in mind, you need to have 15 towers to unlock the full potential rewards of the map.
With this balanced implemented, the average time of completion of a map is nearly the same wherever your amount of towers is, making it viable to start playing the game with a few amount of towers.

Tips to optimize the towers:

– Your energy can’t go over 100%, therefore avoid leaving your towers resting when you reach that number.
– The collective is much stronger. Always prefer to load your towers and attack together.

This you need to know when playing:

– Multi-account is ALLOWED. This means you can have more than one account playing at the same time. – Be aware that countermeasures might be applied to avoid boting.
– Multi-login is totally FORBIDDEN, you cannot use the SAME account on 2 devices at the same time. You will be banned if that happens.
Any problem call Support! Good farm!!


Infinity algorithm

Satoshi Monsters was developed with the goal of having a long life. With that goal in mind, we developed a new algorithm called Infinity.
Infinity operates based on market movements. It reads information from the liquidity pool during an INTERVALS of time. If there is a strong change in the value of the currency, it will analyze the next trend and the market stability. If the market is stable, it will proceed to the changes in-game.

We took as an example other algorithms and their failures and create a better and more refined one. UNLIKE a well-known algorithm, this one prevents sudden dumps/exploits on the currency, making it more stable and reliable.