Star Atlas Releases Major Showroom Update

Star Atlas Releases Major Showroom Update

Star Atlas releases a major update to their Showroom, bringing bigger arena battles, more ships to fly, a racing simulation, and even jetpacks! Though the Showroom represents only one part of one station in the game universe, Star Atlas is already packing it full of features!

This is official release 2.1 of the Star Atlas showroom. And this update is a big one, with something for every type of player!

The Star Atlas Showroom is a downloadable app (available only for Windows machines at the moment). You can download it at To access the Showroom, you will need a game key, which you can acquire in two ways. You can either stake one or more ships in the SCORE Program for a week or stake tokens to spawn a ship in Escape Velocity, the web-based resource hunting, mini-game. You can redeem the code at

And you don’t need to own a Star Atlas ship to try these features out. The game provides two, free ships to play with, which rotate every three days. These include ships from across the spectrum, even large vessels.

Whats New in Showroom 2.1?

The biggest feature of this update is probably the Volant Station Racing Track. This track allows players to test drive 49 different ships and engage in competitions for the fastest times around the track! To help players familiarize themselves with all aspects of driving in Star Atlas, this race also includes weapons and items that can be found during the race. The ships handle differently based on their ship type and stats. So test driving them all to find the perfect fit for you might be in order!
Future updates will bring additional racing competitions.

race for glory and fun!
The Galactic Marketplace has now been integrated into the Showroom. Players can purchase ships directly from within the app and immediately access them in-game!

And for those who are more interested in hanging around the station, jetpacks are now available to all players, making traversing the area a cinematic breeze! And supposedly, there are even some secret spots around the expanded station. Players can take screenshots of what they find, which will feed into upcoming photography contests! Each contest will have specific rules, so you’ll have to wait until they are announced for details. But we do know that the winners of these competitions will have their photographic artwork minted as NFTs, which the winner can choose to sell or give away! That’s kind of cool and a great way to engage the community!

The combat arena has also received an update. Players can now summon ships up to large size and try to fend off up to twelve waves of NPC enemies. The Star Atlas team has revised the arena itself to make the challenge more interesting and dynamic.

And finally, we have new ‘Experimental Modes’ available. The details of these are left for the players to discover. But the team says that these experiences are designed to provide sneak peeks into the future of Star Atlas!

screenshot from the new Arena

What is Star Atlas?

The year is 2620. Three factions, MUD, ONI, and USTUR, exist in an uneasy truce across the galaxy. Players explore unknown systems, delve into rocks and earth to acquire resources to build, expand, and conquer! Will you be a fighter, testing your mettle in the arena games? Or an explorer in the depths of space, far beyond the reach of any help? Perhaps a shipwright, creating objects of beauty and technological prowess? Maybe you have bolder ambitions, ones of control and rulership? Well all of these roles and more are open to you in Star Atlas, the space MMO currently in development on the Solana blockchain.
Star Atlas aims to build a galactic, space opera MMO where players control the markets and dictate the ebb and flow of goods and products. The rise or fall of various factions will happen because of player actions, not a directed script.

Along with this comes the expected space exploration and combat, and also land ownership, player governance, and graphic novels. Land owners can build a variety of structures, which allow for mining, production and research. The game taxes land plots to encourage players to use the land rather than sit on it.

Star Atlas has put together a number of previews and mini-games around their game features which are already available for play.

To learn more about Star Atlas, Visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.