Bushi Battlepass Mint June 14th

Bushi Battlepass Mint June 14th

The original planned mint date for the Bushi Battlepass was June 1st, and then June 6th. And just today the date was moved again, this time to June 14th! So you still have a chance to learn more and see if you want to join in on this Battlepass mint!

Bushi plans to launch their open alpha and the Battlepass mint on the same day. And with so many moving parts, they have decided to delay that date — twice. Current ETA is June 14th, 2023.

Bushi will be free to play for this alpha. Though once the game is officially launched, the team plans to require a Battlepass in order to play. But there are plenty of other reasons to be interested in the Bushi Battlepass.

This Battlepass includes 70 levels, 20+ in-game items (including characters, weapons, and visual effects), currency rewards, a guaranteed airdrop, and a special Season 1 Discord Role that promises special perks like guaranteed whitelists, other airdrops, access to a special alpha, and a ‘sick collectible image!’

Battlepasses come in rarities, with rarer Passes receiving a more exclusive, game-item airdrop.

a potential Battlepass reward
Owning a Battlepass allows players to collect CORES, which will be used to purchase NFTs later on. The Bushi team also hints that these Battlepasses will play a role in their token release.

This Battle Pass collection is limited to 5,000 mints and each mint costs 25 SUI tokens. Same price for everyone whether they get their Pass from the whitelist ot he public sale. And while it’s likely too late to find a whitelist spot, you can still lurk around for the public mint. There are only 1,000 whitelist spots avilable, but each one can mint up to five Pases. It’s unlikely that everyone on the whitelist will do that, so there should be an opportunity to pick up a Pass during the public portion of the sale.

But, you will need to make sure that you are setup with the right kind of wallet and some SUI tokens as well.

Getting Setup for the Bushi Mint

In order to participate in this mint for the Bushi Battle Pass, you will need a compatible wallet and some SUI tokens.
The first thing you’ll need is a wallet that can support the Sui token. Some popular wallet options include Ethos Wallet, Martian Wallet, Ledger, and the SUI Wallet extension. Then you will need 25 SUI tokens per mint (plus a little extra for gas fees). The SUI tokens are available through most major exchanges.

Non-U.S. Residents may even be able to purchase the token directly through the wallets mentioned above.

The Battlepass mint will be through Clutchy, an NFT marketplace on the SUI network.

Bushi screenshot

What is Bushi?

Bushi is a competitive, third-person, shooter-style game with samurai-inspired combat and ninja-like parkour. Players compete as teams or individuals across various arenas and game modes.
Bushi will be easy to learn but hard to master. They are aiming to create a skill-based, competitive, fun to watch, eSports game. The Bushi team is also interested in inter-operability and bringing characters from other NFT collections into their game.

To learn more about Bushi, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.