Chumbi Valley Partners With OneRare for a Recipe Contest and Giveaway

Chumbi Valley Partners With OneRare for a Recipe Contest and Giveaway

Chumbi Valley Partners With OneRare for a Recipe Contest and Giveaway

Chumbi Valley, the Pokémon-like play to procure game cooperated up with OneRare, the food metaverse, to make three exceptional plans for the game. Each Chumbi in the game will have their own #1 dish.

A bunch of 3 NFT dishes will be made. These will be coordinated in the Chumbi Valley game as a consumable with unique utility. There will be an aggregate of 300 NFT printed for the giveaway, 100 for each dish.

The group will pick the most imaginative and enchanted sounding plans. The more legend there is, the better. Try not to restrict your innovativeness and ensure your plate fits the Chumbi Valley universe.

The giveaway began on March 16, 2022 at 6:00 PM and will end on March 19, 2022 at 6:00 PM.

Who gets the NFTs?

Chumbi Valley outlined the distribution of the minted NFTs on their discord server:

– 12 NFTs will be sent to 4 winners of the discord competition, and each dinner will win the full set of 3 dishes;
– 12 NFTs will be given to 4 winners of a giveaway bot for $CHMB overseers only (each winner gets the full set of 3);
– 246 NFTs will be randomly airdropped $CHMB stakers. The NFTs will be sent individually, not as sets;
– 30 NFTs will be reserved by the team.

How to Join the Giveaway

In order to join the giveaway, players can engage in the Discord channel or stake $CHMB. If you have staked 1000 $CHMB or more, equivalent to $11 at the time of writing, you’ll automatically enter the raffle.

The more you stake, the higher your rank. Overseers, stakers with more than 100,000 $CHMB in their pool, get to enter the bot giveaway that will reward 4 winners with the full set.

If you decide to go through Discord, please submit your recipe with a paragraph of lore about the dish in the #chumbi-recipes channel. No images are allowed, and each person can submit one recipe only. Also, make sure to interact with the giveaway bot message in #?giveaways-overseer.

$CHMB stakers can submit more recipes to the competition, according to their level. Keepers get 2 entries, Protectors 3 entries, Overseers 4 entries.

As for the recipe itself, the chumberry should be an important feature of the dish. You can only use 1 of the 8 chumberries in your recipe. Other ingredients, both real and imaginary, can be included in your recipe.

The 1st place winner will get their plate designed by OneRare and have it included in the game. He will receive the full set of 3 NFT dishes. The 3 runners up will also receive the set.

The other 2 dishes will be designed solely by OneRare and will use 2 Chumberries as voted by the community in the discord poll.

What is Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is a tamer, battler game, similar as Pokemon, based on the Polygon blockchain. Players breed and raise animals called Chumbi. Players and their Chumbi investigate, ranch, breed, specialty, and fight. The game is allowed to begin. Each new player will be combined with an Ancestor Chumbi that can assist you with getting everything rolling except which can’t be sold or exchanged.

Chumbis have different body parts, six altogether – coat, ears, horns, eyes, mouth, and example. Whenever conceived, each Chumbi has two assaults, 2 impacts, and a capacity. A Chumbi’s fundamental sort and its jacket type decide its assaults, while, ear and mouth characterize its belongings and the example characterizes its capacity.

Chumbis level up as you use them. They learn spells, investigate, track down things and battle wild Chumbi. Taking care of them makes them more joyful, and they should eat an exceptional sweetened apple each five levels to advance. Every player has a Forest Home region that they can finish. This is likewise where you can develop crops and deal with your Chumbi. Developing harvests requires seeds and normal watering. Taking care of your Chumbi makes them more joyful.

Furthermore, Chumbi Valley interactivity incorporates disconnected assembling, an inherent appointment framework, and obviously, land proprietorship. Additionally, alongside the interactivity comes a DeFi include called the Shrine of Giving. Stake CHMB token to acquire more CHMB tokens and NFTs as remunerations. Allot a Chumbi at greatest satisfaction to expand your profits!