Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley RPG Play-to-Earn build on BSC and Polygon chain $CHMB token

Chumbi Valley RPG Play-to-Earn build on BSC and Polygon chain $CHMB token

Chumbi Valley is an enchanting RPG Play-to-Earn blockchain game, featuring NFT creatures and original art inspired by Pokemon and Studio Ghibli.

Chumbi are adorable bipedal NFT creatures that inhabit a mysterious forest valley. As the main character, you can breed and collect Chumbi, explore with them and battle to earn crypto rewards. Earn additional rewards by working with your Chumbi to maintain a farm and grow crops. Gather in-game resources to craft NFT items and even earn while offline with Chumbi automation spells. Additionally, you can own NFT land plots in Chumbi Village, where you can interact with other players and build a community.

Chumbi Valley is being built on BSC & Polygon to take advantage of near-instant transaction speeds and almost zero fees. It will be playable in app form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually iOS with the goal to reward dedicated players across the world with cryptocurrency.

About Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is an enchanting role-playing blockchain game being built on BSC & Polygon. Chumbi are adorable NFT creatures that inhabit a lush and mysterious forest valley. All in-game items and creatures are blockchain based tokens and NFTs. Chumbi Valley’s visuals and gameplay are completely original and inspired by classics like Pokemon, Zelda, Stardew Valley, & the Studio Ghibli films



Find rare seeds and start a farm to grow forest crops that have many uses. Crops are in-game tokenized items, they need to be watered regularly and will grow on blockchain based time.


Power up an ancient portal and step through with your Chumbi by your side. Explore randomly generated terrain in various biomes, find rare NFT items and encounter cursed Chumbi in the wild.


Work with your Chumbi to gather resources that can be used to craft NFT items for your world. Crafted items can be sold on the marketplace or in-game to the wandering trader.


Each Chumbi is a unique NFT creature made up of a rare combination of: type, coat, ears, horns, eyes, mouth, and pattern. Breed them together for rare and exciting new combos!


Battle against wild cursed Chumbi and other trainers to increase your Chumbi’s level. A Chumbi with a higher level can defeat stronger foes & receive better rewards.

Land Plots

Chumbi Village will feature NFT based plots of land. Here you will find other players and their Chumbi working on their plots, chatting, showing off rare items, trading, shopping, and more.


Infinite Combinations Combining the 15 main Chumbi types with hundreds of coats, body parts, and patterns results in almost infinite unique Chumbi!


Choose Your Own Path

Chumbi Valley will feature multiple in-game earning paths. As players expand their Chumbi team and improve their Chumbi’s skills they will be able to complete more play-to-earn tasks.

Some players may choose to focus on battling, whereas others may take a more relaxed approach and focus on exploring and farming.

Earn Rewards in Chumbi Valley

• Battle Cursed Chumbi & Other Players
• Farm & Sell Forest Crops
• Offline Rewards from Chumbi Spells
• Craft and Sell Rare NFT items
• Explore to Find Rare NFT items
• Complete In-Game Quests
• Breed Rare Chumbi
• Chumbi Marketplace
• Chumbi Fostering
• Powerful Referral System
• Buy and Sell Village Land Plots
• Chumbi Token Staking Rewards
• ‘Shrine of Giving’ Rewards
• Chumbi Treasury Rewards



We are excited to announce that Chumbi Valley will feature a fully gamified, high-APY, in-game CHMB staking interface called the “Shrine of Giving”.

Chumbi are hoarders by nature and have long worshiped the Shrine of Giving, an ancient monument possessing the ability to multiply a Chumbi’s precious items. Players will eventually be able to lock their CHMB tokens into the Shrine of Giving, reducing the circulating supply and receiving CHMB tokens and NFT items as rewards. Additionally, a player can assign a Chumbi to the Shrine to unlock increased staking rewards. A Chumbi with a maxed happiness level will unlock an APY significantly higher than the base rate and will become a prized NFT.


Online Marketplace

Our web based marketplace will be a crucial part of the Chumbi Valley ecosystem. The marketplace will encourage players to work hard on acquiring and improving rare Chumbi and items.

Buy, sell and trade: Chumbi, land plots, cosmetics, game items, crops, resources, and more.

Wandering Trader

The Wandering Trader can be found setting up shop around your forest home. His shop inventory changes each day and all players will see the same items for sale. These game items are NFTs and some will even be scarce, with limited quantities. The Trader’s wares will include: useful items, seeds, Chumbi cosmetics, player cosmetics, decorative items, and more. The trader will also buy crops and resources from the player in exchange for Lucky Stars.


Chumbi Token: $CHMB

Chumbi Token (CHMB) will be deeply tied into the game’s ecosystem. CHMB will eventually become deflationary and players/holders will be incentivized to hold, causing natural price growth, this will be achieved in the following ways:

• CHMB will be required as the primary form of in-game currency. Players will need CHMB to pay for new Chumbi, breeding fees, Sage fees, Wandering Trader items, land plots, Marketplace purchases, and more. Additionally, the “Chumbi Treasury” will eventually buy and burn CHMB, making it naturally deflationary as the ecosystem grows.

• CHMB will eventually provide holders with the opportunity to actively participate in the future directions of the game! The project will slowly and safely shift from an initial “chaperoned” structure to a fully decentralized online game. CHMB holders will be able to participate in governance voting in the future as part of an upcoming DAO/DAC, allowing them to shape the future of Chumbi Valley.

• CHMB will eventually present holders with staking rewards when locked in the Shrine of Giving. As holders lock their CHMB they will decrease the circulating supply and will be rewarded with additional CHMB based on their Chumbi’s happiness level.

Lucky Stars: $LSTS

Lucky Stars (LSTS) is Chumbi Valley’s secondary token, it has been designed to power the “play-to-earn” player reward system. LSTS has an infinite supply but is also required and burnt in the four core Chumbi mechanics: breeding, leveling, spells, and happiness. This makes LSTS a prized commodity as it is required to create new Chumbi and to improve them.

– Players can earn LSTS by battling wild cursed Chumbi, the stronger the foe, the more LSTS is rewarded (PvE). Players can also battle other players all around the world and win LSTS for their victories (PvP).

– Additionally, players can obtain LSTS by exploring, completing in-game quests, farming crops, gathering resources, and selling in-game assets and items to the Wandering Trader.

– LSTS will be minted each time a player completes a “play-to-earn” task, and it will also be burnt in increasing quantities as players breed and improve their Chumbi. The Chumbi Valley team will keep a close eye on the inflation rate and ensure that an optimal balance is maintained between supply and demand.

Chumbi Treasury

In the medium term, we plan to launch a “Chumbi treasury” feature. It will work as a “safe” and an insurance on the project’s future full decentralization, by receiving, progressively, up to 75% of all game crypto contributions. The treasury will strengthen the ecosystem through buying and burning of CHMB & LSTS tokens in the secondary markets for stability purposes, but also: planting real trees, charity donations, player rewards, in-game events, and more.