Chumbi Valley Shifts to Single-Token Model

Chumbi Valley Shifts to Single-Token Model

This transition aims to streamline value concentration and enhance long-term stability, with play-to-earn rewards now distributed in $CHMB.

Chumbi Valley, in a strategic move, is transitioning from a dual-token economy to a single-token economy. In this shift, $CHMB becomes the sole on-chain token, while ‘Lucky Stars’ transitions off-chain. This decision is driven by the aim of long-term economic stability, adapting to market dynamics, and streamlining utility within the Chumbi Valley ecosystem.

From Dual to Single-Token Economy

Chumbi Valley initially embraced the dual-token model, mirroring industry trends. However, the cryptocurrency market’s bearish turn exposed vulnerabilities. The dual-token system, featuring a primary governance token and an unlimited utility token, posed challenges in a dwindling market, reducing token value and usability.

Concentrating Value in $CHMB

The shift to a single-token economy consolidates value and utility into $CHMB. This approach ensures efficient token utility, in contrast to the dual-token system’s inherent complexity. With one token, utility can be maximized through various mechanisms.

Lucky Stars Redefined

Lucky Stars, once intended as a secondary utility token, now serves as an off-chain in-game currency. Players earn Lucky Stars by engaging in various in-game activities, aligning with Chumbi Valley’s vision of active player participation.

Role of $CHMB Within Chumbi Valley

$CHMB takes center stage as the token providing access to premium features and services, both in and out of the game. It serves purposes like staking, governance, breeding, marketplace transactions, and acquiring premium in-game cosmetics and services.


While transitioning, Chumbi Valley maintains its commitment to play-to-earn rewards. These rewards will now be distributed in $CHMB rather than ‘Lucky Stars.’ Plans for the updated Play-and-Earn mechanics will be shared in a forthcoming economy-focused article.


Chumbi Valley’s shift to a single-token model enhances market adaptability and streamlines utility. $CHMB emerges as the core token, while Lucky Stars transforms into an in-game currency. This move ensures long-term sustainability, user engagement, and a simplified economic model, reflecting the project’s commitment to its community. Stay tuned for more updates on Play-and-Earn mechanics and the evolving Chumbi Valley ecosystem.