Join Warner Music in The Sandbox Land Sale

Join Warner Music in The Sandbox Land Sale

Another land sale hits The Sandbox, this on for a music-oriented neighborhood centered around an estate owned by Warner Music Group. With a dozen other musical artists and companies nearby, this area could end up being a hub for musically themed Sandbox experiences!

We continue to see more integration of blockchain and music industries this summer. The latest news on that front comes from The Sandbox and Warner Music Group, who have partnered up for a new land sale, referred to as the ‘Infinite Pulse Land Sale’. Registration for the land raffle is open now. The neighborhood with plots available for this land sale features a large estate owned by Warmer Music, plus a number of other musical neighbors, including Blond:ish, Slipknot, Jamiroquai, Pixelynx, and even Elvis Presley (well, his estate anyway)! Just to name a few. This looks to be a pretty tight neighborhood!

Land Sale Info

This sale follows the usual routine that The Sandbox has set up. To purchase one of the available plots outright, participants must first join and win a raffle. Interested parties can enter the raffle at The Sandbox website. Entry is free, though you must have enough SAND tokens in your wallet for the type of plot you wish to purchase (1,011 SAND tokens for a standard plot, 4683 tokens for a premium)

Raffle signups began on June 22nd and remain open through July 12th. Winners will be announced on July 14th, with sales opening that same day and running through July 18th. Any unpurchased plots from the sale head to OpenSea for auction. In addition to the raffle, there will also be 11 Estate plots and 10 small plots up for auction starting on the 14th also. Raffle entry, auctions, and land plot purchases are all on the Polygon network. Purchases are made with SAND tokens.

Also, as an additional bonus for this sale, those who purchase Premium land plots will have an opportunity to win tickets to real life concerts. No details available yet for that. But it’s always nice to see real life perks included in NFT sales!

Infinite Pulse land sale in The Sandbox

The Sandbox has been heavily promoting the idea of neighborhoods in their virtual world. At the moment, plot proximity has no effect on gameplay. However, at some point the future, there will be some kind of ability to travel between adjacent plots. Which could make who you have for neighbors somewhat important!

Sandbox Land

Land plots in The Sandbox provide their owners with a number of benefits. Land owners can join a limited, exclusive pool for staking SAND tokens, receive access to special events and early access to new features, and will also receive airdrops of Gems and Catalysts sometime in 2023. Gems and Catalysts will be used to enhance items in The Sandbox.

But, the real reason to own a land in The Sandbox is to build your own game or social experience. This includes art galleries, music clubs, hangouts, and whatever else can be imagined and built. Eventually, land owners will even be able to monetize their experiences. The Sandbox offers VoxEdit, a tool for creating and animating game assets, and Game Maker, a software app for building, designing, and publishing your own Sandbox experience. Both are free to use and receive regular updates with new features.

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here. You can also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.