PlanetQuest Mega Update

PlanetQuest Mega Update Reveals 3rd Person Gameplay and Independent Meta Game

PlanetQuest, the renowned gaming company, unveils a mega update with transformational changes: transitioning to 3rd person gameplay, unveiling a separate metagame, and an updated roadmap for future plans.

Transition to 3rd Person Gameplay: PlanetQuest: Frontiers

PlanetQuest began as a dream to create an immersive 3rd person game, offering players a truly engaging experience in exploring the fascinating planets created by the team. However, considering the need for a game that could run smoothly on low-end hardware and slower internet connections, the 3rd person experience was put on hold.

This perspective changed following the Multiplayer Preview. The feedback and data gathered indicated the need for game optimization for low-end hardware and slower connections, prompting the team to experiment with different solutions. These experiments have been successful, enabling the team to gradually make the dream a reality. This marked the beginning of the transformation of PlanetQuest to a 3rd person game, now tentatively named PlanetQuest: Frontiers.

This change presents exciting new possibilities, opening the game to a wider blend of exploration, survival, and extraction. It’s important to note, however, that such a transition also poses significant challenges, requiring major changes to core systems and game design.

Introducing a Standalone Meta Game: PlanetQuest: Outposts

Meanwhile, the concept of the Meta Game has also grown significantly. So much so, it has been developed into a standalone, free-to-play game, tentatively named PlanetQuest: Outposts. The idea behind this game is to make it accessible for both planet owners and those who wish to get a glimpse of the PlanetQuest universe.

PlanetQuest: Outposts allow players to discover and research new technology, build facilities, and potentially offer benefits to future explorers. Inspired by space colonization board games and 4X strategy titles, PlanetQuest: Outposts is a game that is simple, lightweight, and rewarding, offering short and sweet gameplay that’s easy to pick up.

An Updated Roadmap for Future Plans

The unveiling of these significant transformations and additions brings about a few changes to the roadmap. PlanetQuest now has one team working on PlanetQuest: Outposts and another on the new technology and content needed for PlanetQuest: Frontiers.

The roadmap also reflects some adjustments to the timeline towards the token launch and other future sales.