Mino Games Releases Alpha Build of Web3 RPG ‘Dimensionals,’ Teases Weekly Alpha Trials

Mino Games Releases Alpha Build of Web3 RPG ‘Dimensionals,’ Teases Weekly Alpha Trials

The early version of Dimensionals will be playable in a series of weekly alpha tournaments.

Take a glimpse at Dimensionals’ early gameplay

Mino Games, a free-to-play mobile gaming studio, released the alpha version of Web3 RPG Dimensionals at the 3XP Gaming Expo.

According to the team, Dimensionals is a next-generation gaming franchise that will eventually feature the first character-driven RPG powered by AI to allow unique, unscripted character interactions and real-time, shareable mods.

The brand strives to provide more engaging and personalized experiences, such as live streaming, modding, user-generated content, guilds, and active Discord communities, that many traditional RPGs do not offer.

What is Dimensionals?

To begin, Dimensionals is a fast-paced, high-stakes, action-packed RPG where players collect an army of unique heroes to save the multiverse. Players enter the Rift to battle enemies, explore new dimensions, recruit Dimensionals, unlock new stories, team up, and compete for valuable collectibles. Designed to be live-streamed, gamers can create, play, and share their mods with other players in real time.

On top of that, players’ heroes will take on a life of their own through AI. Hero characters will have their memories, unique personalities, and unscripted dialogue that will change as players engage with them – making an entirely new way to experience RPGs.

The weekly alpha trials

In Q3, users will get to play Dimensionals by competing for unique collectibles in weekly alpha tournaments with Mino Games’ CEO, Sasha MacKinnon, who will live stream the alpha build on Discord every week for six weeks. Each week, the game will open up for 48 hours with a new raid, story, enemies, and characters.

“We’re trying something different to engage our community. Our alpha trials are almost like a game show rather than a closed playtest,” said MacKinnon. “You can play, compete, watch, chat with the developers, and win super rare Dimensionals NFTs – all live on Discord.”

NFT holders of Eve, Dimensionals’ mascot, will be eligible to play and win giveaways, such as toys, in-game resources, and NFT heroes during the alpha trials on Mac and Windows. Players can apply to be whitelisted for Eve and gain access to special channels, products, and events in Dimensionals.

The blockchain title will be a cross-platform game available on desktop (Windows and Mac), mobile (iOS and Android), and major consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch). Mino Games will deploy AI-related functions and more throughout the year to enhance Dimensionals’ gameplay experience.