The Forge Arena, the Blockchain-Based FPS Game Releases Fresh Patch Updates

The Forge Arena, the Blockchain-Based FPS Game Releases Fresh Patch Updates

The Forge Arena, a popular blockchain-based fast-paced competitive FPS game, has announced new patch updates in a significant development.

This is an exciting development because the update is the final one before the game switches to the much-anticipated Unreal Engine 5. The new updates reintroduce the previous version of Competitive Maps: Origins & Exodus, albeit with some minor changes to post-processing and directional lights. In addition to these changes, The Forge Arena has updated its website and marketplace to provide a more streamlined gaming experience.

Classic Competitive Maps Return with a Twist

Among the most significant changes brought about by this patch are map updates. Origins and Exodus, two hybrid competitive maps, are returning. This brings back memories of the Arena while also incorporating some minor changes to the Bomb Site B of Origins S&D.

These changes are intended to make the gaming experience more engaging and visually appealing. The newly added post-processing feature, as well as the reduced light intensity, are expected to significantly improve the visual experience.

In addition, the development team has improved two popular Team Deathmatch map locations: the Hangar and the Island. This is part of their ongoing commitment to improving the overall gameplay experience.

Additional Modifications for a Better Gaming Experience

The Forge Arena’s development team announced several other changes during the update release, in addition to the map updates. These modifications affect various aspects of gameplay and are intended to create a more balanced and engaging gaming environment.

Some of the changes include the incorporation of skins from recent collaborations, such as Skunky Chunks and Taco App. These skins expand players’ visual diversity and customization options.

Weapon damage has been increased from 20 to 27, providing more power in combat situations. The fire rate, on the other hand, has been reduced from 0.225 to 0.10. This change is expected to alter the combat dynamics, making it more tactical.

The development team has also changed the burst mode to single fire, altering the weapon’s dynamics even further. Critical damage has been reduced from 2.5 to 2, which will have an effect on in-game strategy.

Aside from these gameplay changes, The Forge Arena has added a new loading screen to improve the visual appeal. The team has reduced the Warmup Timer from 120s to 30s and reset the New TDM Mode win score to 50 kills, making the game faster and more intense.

The team has also corrected a minor but noticeable issue with the thumbnails for Exodus & Skunky Chunks Weapon Skins in the in-game shop.

In conclusion, this update promises to improve the gaming experience in a variety of ways, including gameplay, visual appeal, and customization. With the impending switch to Unreal Engine 5, fans of The Forge Arena can expect even more exciting updates in the future.”