Play to Earn with Eternal Dragons via PvP and PvE Leaderboards

Play to Earn with Eternal Dragons via PvP and PvE Leaderboards


Eternal Dragons adds new play and earn opportunities to their alpha with weekly PvE Quests and a Daily PvP leaderboard. Players can play and earn USDC, Eternium tokens, and even Dragon Eggs!

Play and earn takes a more prominent seat in the land of Eternal Dragons with the introduction of weekly leaderboards for PvE Quests, and daily leaderboards for those engaging in PvP combat!

Eternal Dragons is now running a weekly PvE quest event with rewards for the top 100 players. Each quest offers a specific arena challenge, leaving it up to the players to figure out how to progress as far as they can. The current PvE quest, Dust Storm, features increasingly strong AI teams of Tanker and Slayer enemies and runs until June 2nd. The top two players win Eternium and Descendant Egg NFTs while the rest of the top 100 earn tokens based on their final placement.

gameplay options in the Eternal Dragons alpha
For the PvP players, Eternal Dragons introduced a new, daily PvP leaderboard. These leaderboards reward the top 10 players every day with USDC tokens. Eternal Dragons also runs longer format tournaments, having just recently completed their second round that included nearly $10,000 USDC in the prize pool!

Eternal Dragons is still in alpha (Alpha 0.2 to be exact), but it is free, open to all, and available to play via webpage or as an app on Android devices. Even though this is an uto-battler, there is quite a bit of depth to assembling your team. And since the game is free to play, this is an excellent play and earn opportunity for anyone who likes competitive strategy games!

And for the true Eternal Dragons fans, the team is hosting a convention in Hamburg, Germany on July 1st!

fight for glory and loot!

What is Eternal Dragons?

Eternal Dragons is an eSport, auto-battler game built on the Solana blockchain with Dragons as combat units. With numerous different classes, position-based abilities, and elemental affinities, Eternal Dragons is sure to offer plenty of room for different strategies and team builds. All units have basic stats of hit points, elemental power (magic damage), and physical power (physical damage), though Dragons tend to be stronger than their human counterparts.
In addition, units in Eternal Dragons have a number of other attributes that affect their combat abilities. First each has a default skill. This is the basic, and most often used skill for that Dragon. It can be an attack, heal, buff/debuff, or even some combination. Units also have prime stats they prefer. This will matter when players add items to units, as matching items to prime stats will provide better combat value. Dragons also have Skill Sets and Class Skills. Skill Set is a collection of abilities. Only Dragons with matching Skill Sets can use those abilities. And, as you might guess, Class Skills are specific to certain Dragon Classes.

Also, each Dragon class has certain other classes that it enjoys pairing with. These are known as “neighboring dragons”. Neighboring Dragons share Skill Sets. And they will tend to have class skills and abilities that harmonize well together. Dragons also receive bonuses from sharing affinities with teammates. Each unit has an associated affinity such as Earth, Air, or Void.

There is definitely a lot of strategic decision making involved in the game!

To learn more about Eternal Dragons, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat!

purchasing units in Eternal Dragons