Shoot-em-up to Earn with Grit Launch

Shoot-em-up to Earn with Grit Launch

Yee-haw! Another title from the Gala Games system moves into live status as Grit announces their official launch! Now players can wield their six-shooters and rifles in this battle royale, play to earn game.

While some games are closing down, others are just getting started. Grit, the western-themed, battle royale, FPS from Gala Games goes live, giving players a chance to shoot and earn across a wild west town and the surrounding landscape!

Grit is free to play and available on Epic Games. Players will need a linked Gala Games account to download and play..

Grit features NFTs in the form of Gunslingers. Gunslingers are a set of 10,000 unique, generative characters to use in the game. Apparently using a Gunslinger NFT in-game will provide reward bonuses. But we’re still waiting for some sort of litepaper or official documentation from Grit. Gunslingers are available on secondary markets or on the Gala Games store.

sniping with a pistol
Grit won’t have their own token, instead they will use GALA token for their game rewards. And their reward system will be familiar to many. Players earn Victory Points for completing quests and placing in the top three in matches. At the end of every day, players receive tokens based on the size of the reward pool and their percentage of overall Victory Points earned that day.

Note: GALA rewards are currently paused while the team works on their reward structure.

Players can also purchase a Battle Pass to earn other in-game rewards such as various usable and cosmetic items. And presumably we’ll also see leaderboards and tournaments in the near future as well.

Grit screenshot

Epic Games

Grit is the first launch of a web3 game on the Epic Games Store. Epic Games is a Steam-like, game distribution service with over 190 million users! This is a big step forward for the integration of the web2 and the web3 worlds. We’ll see if Grit can take advantage of their exposure to this large playerbase.
This could turn into a big win for Epic Games as well, since Steam has shown some disdain for blockchain gaming, opening up opportunities for other game platforms to take over the web3 space.

To learn more about Epic Games and their game launcher, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

Gala Games

This is also a major step for Gala Games as it expands their portfolio of released games, and provides another integration for their GALA token, which was just recently relaunched to upgrade the smart contract.

To learn more about Gala Games and Grit, follow Gala Games on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.